My Shortest Story

Daniel Bejan

The title says it all : this is my shortest story. This one is dedicated to you, Renee!Thanx for all your help and making possible many of my stories. Thank you. As for you , my readers, if you are looking for a good laugh...try this story.

The Speed of Light

Joanne Hanrahan

Fun Astronomical Fact: there are an almost infinite number of stars, almost enough to fill up every spot in the sky. the night sky is dark because they are far away and light travels at a set speed.

The School Of Horrors, Prologue, Chapter One and Two

Michelle Chong

Two girls who are best friends and neighbours get accepted with a full scholarship into Townes Boarding High, an extremly famous boarding school. At first they are happy at their new school, but things start to grow weirder and weirder. The two girls wonder if coming to Townes Boarding High was a mistake... - Written year 2004

First Contact

Bradley Gibson

We have always assumed that we would one day make contact with an advanced race. But what if we were that race?

The Starfire War

Nikki Drewry

This is the Starfire War, a story that popped into my head fully formed (well, the beginning and the ending), and hasn't gone away, even though I'm taking a very long time to get it written down. You won't believe the number of pages of notes that I have for this story... Anyway, I figure that I'll add to this as I get it written. I've got scene fragments floating about, and it's mostly just a matter of figuring out how they're connected. Hmm... I figure that I'll just keep refreshing this as I write more. This is all that I have written of the Starfire War right now, excluding the fragments. They'll get absorbed in as I get there. Hmph, this is about the third time I've typed this... The first time I uploaded this, it vanished, and the second time, it ate this description. Ah well, at least it's here now! Hehehehe... I figured out what happened the first time I uploaded this. Appairently, the extranet thought it was a picture! That'll teach me not to put extensions on files. :) Hm, well, maybe I should mention this. I would keep quiet and let it puzzle everyone, and explain it when someone asked me why I've got a word in parenthesies, but I get the feeling that no one will ask. So I'll explain anyway. The Starfire have these little nifty translator thingies, that's how they're understanding the Winddancers. Any word in (parenthesies) are untranlated words that I haven't bothered to um, untranslate. They could be untranslated for various reasons, but the reason that the one word is untranslated in this part is because Senday had turned off the translators. All those multitudes of people chattering were overloading them. He turned them back on after she said that, which is why the rest of it is translated.

Always Call Your Mother

Lara 'Qui' Krauss

I listened to the song 'Zombie Jamboree' one night. This started as my little joke, but when my grandmother died this take on an entirely different meaning and view. It took me a long time to look at this again.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Sixteen

Holly Becker

Oh, the joys of meeting a contact that knows way more than you do about the intelligence business...

The Depths of Malar

Abbey Ash

A modern American girl is thrust into Old Malaran times. This story is unfinished, so any suggestions would be fabulous! This is a spin-off of my very popular Zelda Story, 'the Legend of Zelda; 2001'. Any suggestions to make it better or plot suggestions are accepted! Please!

The Hunt For the Arcea Stone- Part I: The Contact

Jonelle Edwards

This is a new story series for me, my first real attempt at writing sci-fi. It may seem a bit like the Foundation series, just becasue I was reading those books while I was writing this (sort of my little tribute to Issac Asimov)

GGC - Part II - 2 - Contact

Marlena Cannon

'Malraune looked up into eyes that were level with hers. They were as dark, as sweet as licorice, but also twisted in a fearsome way.' Troubles might be closer than the nearest Ectoled.


Heidi Hecht

I'm calling this one "Contact" until I think up a better name. The Veroshi have just coasted to the boundaries of the Solar Empire. It's time for the first face to face contact. But not everything is all hugs and kisses yet.

Peoples of Keian

Carol McFarlane

An ancient race that listens to the void of space.

Surprising Discovery

Nathanael Eisner

Out beyond our Atmosphere, there lies a great sea of light waves and emptiness. Could it be that this ocean has anther island? What could we learn from those who live there?This is a short story I wrote after ‘Unlikely Meeting’ but immediately before I went to writing class. It has absolutely nothing to do with my fantasy stories, though. This is a totally new story. This was inspired from a conversation I had with my Dad back in 2008.Jesus Christ is The Truth!