08 - A Display Of Power

David Beaumont

Part 8. Bad guy shows what he can do, even though he hasn't even been introduced yet (8 episodes and we haven't seen the bad guy yet?)

Darkness Surrounding Chapter 3

Ira Robinson

Chapter Three of the novel I am in the midst of :D

Blessed Eternia - Chapter 2

Steven Cooper

After the battle for Sendon, the heroes decide to embark on a journey to warn the rest of the borderlands of the impending attacks.

Who Am I?

Daniel Lix

Tach is a youth with a tortured past. He was orphaned as a child and taken in by a human family, and raised a such. The only thing different about him is the crystal embedded in his forehead -- though his parents sought to cover that up by disguising it as a headband. Nevertheless, he's always been different, his body host to four other beings beside himself, each one representing a specific element.

Rebellion 2.0

Cynthia Rogers

Another installment of the story introduced by 'Rebellion'. (Thus the version number.)

Umbra - Chapter 2 (approx. 12 pages)

Ute Fuerst

This is the second chapter, where Umbra comes to Athalis in search of the mages who might be able to help her. It's been through my personal third revision, and I think from here on I may need outside input, so criticize away! I am considering to elaborate the last few paragraphs with the party and some samples of conversation to give some more depth and introduction to the characters. (revised 07/2004)

Heavenly Mortal (currently)

Frank Voldness

I wouldn't go so far as to call this a gothic tale, but it should be close by the time I finish it. To go into depth would give away quite a bit of the story. After the intro (which I will not give any info) are two of the main characters. It is not stated early on that they don't know each other very well, but they don't. Romance knocks on each of their brass knockers, but whether it takes place is to be seen. This contains the Intro and Chapter 1.

Artist (Part 3)

Kiota Bandal

Part three is up! Yay! Please comment, or else...............


Kevin Richter

It's the story of human survival after the end of the world. It is a world incapable of war, violence, jealousy...a place where all is in peace...or is it?

Sword Singers

Juvela Obi

I've noticed that a lot of fantasy stories tend to use the cheap excuse "because it's magic" or "because God can do anything he wants" or even "just because" to justify some of the most bizarre and unexplainable things. How come the wizard's tower walks and talks? Because it's magic. If dragons are evil, why does every high priest become a half-dragon? Because the Lord works in mysterious ways. Why is the planet inside out? Because it just is.I wondered what would happen if you took such a simple type of excuse, blamed everything on something random, and then tried to actually justify how you can blame it on that. I used a set of percentiles (a pair of 10-sided dice with 100 possible outcomes) to find two numbers: a page number in the dictionary, and a word on that page. I did this three times. In this particular case, I got the word "music".Everything in the universe is blamed on music here. Why do the planets orbit the sun? Because of music. Why do people breathe? Because of music. What's the point of swordplay? ...It's got something to do with music. Now, here's how I justify those explanations. And here's how I could use that justification to create an actual story.

The Isothamnion

Sophie Horton

stories about the temple at the centre of time...

Rebellion 3.0

Cynthia Rogers

It's an uprising! More Rebellion! And yeah verily, there will be even more one day...


Cynthia Rogers

Sometimes, control can go just a little too far. Once your life and death are being planned for you, you know things have gotten to the point where mutiny is in order...

Sinner's Song Ch. 1

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

can't really say much else. This is the first chapter of my ongoing story. I hope you enjoy it ~curtsies~

The Fall of Man (1)

Cly Novak

Yeah, this was a silly little story, but I thought it was just good enough to post.

Angle: Textiles

Richard Bruns

A factory foreman recounts strange events

Cinderella Syndrome

Lindsay Lockhart

A 'Human Tale' of a modern adaptation of Cinderella dealing with it as the syndrome.

A Real Vacation

Kathleen Quinton

Written in 2008 for a creative writing college class.


Charly Strawberry

This is a poem/song. It's based upon the concept of 'duende' which is some kind of spirit or magical being - an elf, golbin, or something like that. El Lebrijano said: 'When I sing with duende, no one can equal me.' Manuel Torres said: 'All that has dark sounds has duende'.


Luke Foster

A poem depicting the way the darkness should control you. It controls Me...