Wrath, Plain and Simple

Daniel Lix

A security guard working for a large corporation is about to have one real bad day.

Rathe 2

David Callen

The next chapter in the story 'Rathe.'


David Callen

Chapter 7 of Rathe

The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 3

Aaron Miner

Enter Franz Mohellian, businessman extraordinaire. In this chapter he meets the mysterious Fay von Nebel, an ambitious young reporter who knows more than she should...

The Wind Follows Him

Mathais A'Court

This is a Sci-Fi story I came up with. The main character, I realized while I was writing it kinda reminds me of Sepiroth, the guy from Final Fantasy VII. I assure you, it's purely coincidental. Anyway, This is one of my better stories I think.


David Callen

Chapter 4 of Rathe

The Heretic

Robert Henry

Ok, this is my favorite (finished) piece to date. I've got a robot as the main character. He's an assassin 'bot, who learns of souls...

VIRUS project - Chapter 1

A. Virtue

VIRUS takes place in this solar system, far in the future. A possible future reality of sorts, centering around one particular scientific advancement.

Rathe 3

David Callen

Chapter 3 of Rathe


David Callen

In a land and time reminiscent of a postapocalyptic 21st century, where dragonesque creatures once ruled, and a tyrannical corporation has all but enslaved a nation, the heir to an ancient empire has become an assassin, using his fading magic to kill for money. But when the last of the old gods resurfaces, the murderer known as Rathe will have to learn to SAVE lives, in the midst of unavoidable war, all for the sake of a fifteen year old son, and a woman who he only just met but has somehow loved for ages.

The Forgotten Legacy(p1)

Daniel Lix

It is the year 2085. Stronghold, a vast city that covers most of California is a place rife with crime and outright urban warfare between gangs and rival corporations. A world desperately in need of heroes..

Last Breath

Llewelyn Chapdelaine Young

This must be my third attempt at writing Last Breath. I had sketched a few of the characters out at one juncture, and attempted to write them several times. The first part of the story has remained largely unchanged in each draft, but everything after Jason arises once more has been flipped around again and again. I can only hope that my displeasure with it is the greatest existent.


David Callen

Chapter 6 of Rathe

The Forgotten Legacy(P2)

Daniel Lix

Raye 'Hunter' Austen, a corporate trained field agent is teamed together with the cybernetic field agent known as 'Tiny' and the enigmatic man in the suit dubbed 'Smith' for their upcoming assignment against the resistance faction known as the Stone Forge.


David Callen

Chapter 5 of Rathe