Garou's Prayer

Emi Senga

A little modified from the original but it still holds the true meaning of what it was supposed to say.

Star's End-Chapter 1

Alex Olson

Carter and Dorr meet. The crew is assembled.

The Regent of Souls p2

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 2: Joseph brings Sorieya home with him to Halifax to a very mixed welcome and discovers something going on that is abhorant to both of them

With Nary a Hair

Abigail Fero

Demons are not made, they are born.

Dragon Knight

Theo W Wallis

Chapter 1 of the story of Weigraf, a knight who must save (something) from (something) we've not figured it out completely


Thieme Hollaar

This short story is basicly about power, how it corrupts and how dangerous it is. It also shows that is does not matter if you are all powerfull, there is always a bigger fish in the pond. ;)More detailed it tells about one of the most important battles fought in the great Dragon War, a war set in a fictive setting of which I will write more  about soon ;)

A New Beginning - Chapter 1, The Road Ahead

Richard Booty

This is a short chapter of a story I am working on, I submitted it as coursework for an open university course. Here is a simple synopsis; Bren is a young man entering adulthood and although he has the love of his foster family, his past has always been a mystery. Now a strange Peddler, the only person with knowledge of Bren's people and how he came to this land, will take Bren on a journey to uncover the answers he seeks.

The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 5

Aaron Miner

Kares is a very historic city, the hub of thousands of years of history, and the heart of Orthodox Deiam for many of those years. Many sources, including the staunch atheist Karl Wyrdman, hail it as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, even a rose has thorns, and none are more aware of this than Father Miachellan. A doctor, priest and scholar at the Arsudei Heshin, he is among the few struggling to fulfil the medical needs of the hundreds of sick and dying turned out by the recent strike at Eden, Inc. However, he soon learns that the cities troubles are more widespread, and, indeed, closer to home than he had imagined.

Dragon's Seventh Chapters 10 - 11

Antony B. Sadler (Drig)

Chapter 10 - The French twins begin to question whether their sister is completely on their side, and deceit may just catch them where other attempts had failed.Chapter 11 - More Des, more book, more dragon.

Brave New World

Louise Boucher

This story was written for my A level coursework and is based on The Tempest by Shakespeare. It contiunues the story after the characters have left the island but is close to its source and not very easy if you don't know the play. I have tried to make the world a very bleak place in which the innocent characters of Miranda and Caliban can not survive. The distructive nature of society and power is also an issue in The Citadel and this is the story where I first explored it. Origonally this story had an accompanying essay and anyone who wants to read it can do so from my journal entry. You can discuss the story in that entry as well.



In a world of illusions and superficial beauty, how can you find reality? (Might write into a longer story, I dunno)

A Gothic Tale

Sida Chen

Written under a word limit of 1300 words. Had too much in it but meant to be a intro to a much bigger story so yea. Some parts need to be clarified further.

Forever Shadow: Chapter IV: Dark Dreams

Siegfried Baumann

This is the fourth chapter in my book Forever Shadow. I'm sorry about the map. I was forced to resize it due to size restrictions, and it's now hard to read anything. The city of Arvelone, where most of this chapter takes place, is the red dot just north of Burovia, nestled in the mountains. Shahrgen MAul is the floating mountain in the center of the Northern Waste, near the top. Leave some comments please and tell me where to improve. If you want to see the full size map (or if the map doesn't even show up) and other illustrations from the story, check out my SF&F page.


Alexandre Beland-Bernard

This is a short and fun story I wrote in a very short time. Note the almost total lack of descriptions. This is one of my earliest attempts at writing a story.

The Wish

Alexandre Beland-Bernard

Well, this is another story. It is an attempt at something both short and witty. Some have told me that they have seen this kind of story before, but I have not. I put this in my Creative Writing portfolio.

Honor Among Thieves

Joshua Davids

Well the simple description of this story, it involves a very young thief who has taken it upon himself to try and save his friends. In the City of Viren the city guard can be considered corrupt, at times ignoring the problems of those who live on the street. Michael is fighting against a killer who stalks the thieves and homeless, trying to protect his friends from the inhuman monster known as the Slicer. I wanted to do this story because well quite frankly I have never seen a story done about a serial killer in the fantasy setting, and well here is my attempt at such a feat.

Tunnel Vision

B. Landon Hurley

A small boy has the limited ability to see the future. But it is far more of a curse than a blessing...

A King's Prayer

Lauren Blewett

I can't tell you much about this because I don't want to ruin the story. Rydan is the mage Kyrr's apprentice. The country, Minorith is currently falling into corruption (by and of who I won't say) and the people are rebelling. This starts out the night the people have had enough. A random excerpt from a story I am writing. A preview if you would. It's from near the beginning, and doesn't give too much away. Of what I've written this is one of my favorite scenes, and I'd love a critique on it. More of it can be found here. Just scroll down a tiny bit until you get to Rydan's Story.

Members of the System-Fail!


I'm sure we've all seen a movie or two where the government tries to cover up some huge secret that the people already know of but can't say anything about. Well this is something like that, like "V for Vendetta", or other movies. The government is corrupt and it's members try to over compensate.

Tales of the Legendary Swords Vol. 1 Ch. 1

Amanda Van Fleet

Every story needs a hero, even two, or three, or five...well, you'll find out eventually. Read as two friends are reunited and set off to hunt down a corrupted knight...