Action Scene

E. Hanna

The title really says it all. This is a cool vision I had in my head but couldn't really fit into a narrative. Perhaps one day it will be a chapeter for something.

A Gift on Awakening

Steve Reed

If wishes were wings, some pteraphiles might fly ... especially if another civilization needs some help from its own past ... {Prequel to 'A Fine Feathered Folly,' with an illustration by Dean Lee}

As Couples Often Do

Emma Kathryn

Recommended Listening: Make This Go On Forever by Snow Patrol

Matrimonial argument.

Patricio Gronda

I don't know. It is a strange story (specially for me). I hope you like it. I'm not sure if I do.

The Artist

Nicolei Arnold

My friends and I have weird experiences. This particular friend has a strange ability to...well go ahead and read the story. Like I'd tell you!

Frozen Mountain

Nicholas Radloff

I have been writing stories for myself for quite some time, but I've been the only one to read them. This is the first of my stories I've 'publicly' released. It's about two of my favorite characters, Asha and Roman, a court bard turned swordsman and a runaway noble girl. Hope you like it! I am not very good at writing short stories; most of my works are unending. But what I have here is just a section. Enjoy!

Cleo part 2

Miranda R.

Cleo again. This time she meets Alek, who is just so kawaii ^-^< lol

Into the Darkness - Chapter 10

Matthew W Stewart

Rollins says goodbye to Shamus and Susan, as well as him home in Gruandor before setting out on his journey to Sundsborg. A shorter chapter it serves more towards setup for what is to come. I might be adding something at the end, haven't decided just yet, so check back if you like :)

In Scarlet Light

Daniel Oehlmann

This poem took me 10 minutes, so one could work it out properly, I suppose. But I like these flashes of imagination.

Temporary Relief

Jennifer Watkins

Just the thoughts of a vampire-like character I like to call Vel...

Eternal Vengeance

Michael Brown

A tragicly beautiful story of a man and his long lost love.


Ryan Silver' M. Curtiss

This is what I plan to be the first in my Angel Gallery when I publish these poems.


Nicolei Arnold

The house was quiet at midnight. I could find nothing else better to do than to listen to my boyfriend breathe on the phone. I tip-toed up to my room and stuffed my head under some blankets to drown out my voice when I talked. He was busy watching TV, and I hated being ignored. So I rambled on these simple words and decided to write them down. I thanked him after being so quiet.

My Loving Heart

Daniel Oehlmann

Tempus is the Forgotten Realms(TM) god of battles.

Too Many Years

Taylor Brown

This is quite a generic story. But anyway. It’s about a couple who were separated by a war. And they are never to meet again in this world.

A Brief Farewell

Iréne Nilsson

Welcome to a celebration in Ator's honor

Under the Violet Sky

Alisha Dean

Another short. Alien pollution has given a red tinge to everything in the sky. Alien influence has changed everything in the characters' lives.

A Fine Feathered Folly -- Chapter 1

Steve Reed

Not everyone thinks that going into space under one's own power is an exciting prospect ... or even an acceptable one ... {First chapter of a story following 'A Gift on Awakening'}

You and I (poem)

Kelly Nichols

No clue why I thought of this. I wrote this right after I wrote my nymph poem. Oh well. I usually don't do poems, they're just not my thing. But this in a way does have some odd reason to it. I think I should have added more. Oh well.

Thicker Than Water


This is the beginning of a dramatic story that I am writing called Thicker Than Water. The beginning is always the hardest part for me to grab peoples attention with.