The Clandestine Servants - Prologue

Carl-Stéphane Habeck

The prologue to my novel. Mostly it sets the story without storytelling.


E. Hanna

Amanda M. Howard told me that the best presents are not bought but made. I wrote this as a birthday preset for a very special lady.

The Lioness

j. lawrence

This is on Kaba (finally. I added that little thing about the place, but never got around to putting up anything set there). Well, it's sort of on Kaba. John is in his own bed, sharing a dream with a friend on Kaba. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Yeah. Right. And please take note: this time there is only one small paragraph in a strange font. I'm so proud of myself! Things are winding up almost normal! im doing better! yay!

Fireflies-ch. 6

Abbey Ash

Yeah, I know I skipped chapter five. I did for two reasons, 1) it was a serious plot digression (meaning it has nothing to do with the integrity of the plot) and 2) the computer was having issues with reading the html on that chapter....Only one important thing has happened. They had the ball and danced and had fun yadda yadda yadda everyone was happy until Enzar decided to crash the party. Then the last pearl was taken. End of chapter 5. Now here is chapter six!

The Crash

Karin Edman

I moved back to very very beginning of the vampire story I'm writing in Day Divides the Night.

Falling With Style

David Bitecofer

I wrote this little bit while listening to Loop (Keller Williams)

Man's Best Friend

Laura Moore

A short story that I'm actually rather happy with done for my english class. So much better tha my previous works its not even funny.Car crashes are bad. Car crashes that result in a ghostly visitor afterwards are much much worse.


Kyle Arthur

Here is very short issue of the story, more of a prep for the next chapter than anything else.

The Seven

Kathryn Gromowski

Let's see. Seven mages. They're all ten. And this happens to be part of one day in their lives. The same day. This is quite a long quote, guys. Sorry about that. Ok, guys, this story actually has an illustration to go with it. But me, being completely HTML illiterate, couldn't figure out how to embed the file in the story (even after checking the FAQ's and asking around) So I just put it in a gallery Update, 12/28/03: I did a whole lotta editing, and changed a few things, and ya know, the general spiel...


Kevin Hosein

An unusual piece.

Holes: Chapter Two- Beyond the Looking Glass

Nicolette Briggs

The fateful meeting takes place- Astarte's life is changed.

StillBorn Dragon

R.E. Canepa

I was bored on night, and this was my entertainment. Duno where i go tthe idea, but i came up with the title and things went from there i guess. the end is kinda lame IMO. e.e anywho, comment will ya?

once to crash, twice to burn Part III

Susan McMillan

The title explains it. Sorry it took so long to get up here.

Guardian Part III and IV

Taylor Brown

This is the next two parts in Guardian. Jake is faced with the choice to give up his mortal life and live forever or stay a human....

TECHNOLOGY #1: Chapter 3

Siegfried Baumann

More action herre... After the battle for the Pegasus, our hero is left tumbling to Earth in a damaged fighter. Can he somehow survive and escape the enemy fighter right on his tail?

A Humpty Dumpty Christmas!

Paul Doyle

Ever wonder what would have happened if Humpty Dumpty hadn't gone sitting on that fateful wall? Being an anthropomorphic egg, his demise was inevitable, one way or another (It has a little twist at the end)Somebody pass me the toast and the bacon . . .

Elitists Part 02

Amy Ames´ Perkins

A continuation of my Elitists story. The mystery develops as Mliss tries to figure out why she feels she doesn't belong and William tries to find Tara. Fantasy and Sci-fi elements are both found in this story so expect both magic and spaceships. Please critique.


Emily Kirsch

Okay, so this isn't really Fantasy. More Sci-fi... but not either. More or less, the lady's looking back on her love, her life.

The letter

Mariya Mitkov

This story is a (could I say creepy??)ghost story I wrote around haloween. It has to do with automatic writing.

Point of Impact

Michael Viar

Wrote this while bored in driver ed. You be the judge...