Small Selection of Horrific Stories

Bart Meijer

A couple of stories I wrote a few days ago. I tried to put in a subtle hint of horror, and I hope I succeeded, please comment!!

How to Spot a Grouse at Sixty-Seven Paces, chapters 13-16

Rebecca Parker

Hilary Brooks is a student at a mental hospital academy...but is she really crazy, or is something else wrong?

I'm A Magical Girl! Chapter Two

Massiel Gutierrez

Same as the first chapter of this story, except Alex thinks he's Elvis.


Brianna Kennedy

This is a story about my sad vampire becoming happy! YEY!

Black Night, Grey Dawn, White Mourning

Rhonda Jezek

The thought of this girl got to me so I had to write it. It's short because this snapshot of her really tells the whole story. I might revise it later, though, tell me what you think.


Sean Baromis

Mercenary hunter follows his prey to a site of ancient ruins where a mystery awaits.


Ruth Petroff

So enticing...

Little Did I Know...

Amanda Williams

Very short thing about some physcopath that kills 'Satan's Child' The person imagins the baby coming to attack him/her so kills the baby. Kinda scary when you think about it.

My Dream


This is an actual dream I had that was just so cool on paper I couldn't NOT put it up here.... Some people in this are fictional, others are not, therefore, any resemblance to you, or anyone you know could be (and probably are)coicedental. Either that, or I'm stalking you......

Dueling Banjos


As a child of the liberal arts, I don't just dabble in the written word, but I also enjoy acting on the stage. I wrote this monologue one evening as a stream of conciousess excerise. I've also performed this one during a monologue showcase at a local theater. It's always fun playing a crazy....

Mirror, Mirror

Oishee of a down= Alam

i'm not sure if this is a story about mirrors or love. i'm going to add more to it in the middle, truly i am, i just rushed this one so i could have the satisfaction of saying YES, I'VE FIIIIIINIIIIIISHED!! anyway, tell me what you think.

The Manipulator, Ch. 1: The Apprentice

Max Wolf

Wolf Fate: The hope of the Other World, who alone has the power to stop his own father and putting right a world that went completely wrong. He never expected he was speciel, but then the Manipulator Jack Blade shows up at cozy home and tells him differently. He says he can manipulate anything, and that he was to be trained to destroy evil in the Other World. Wolf has a big decision to make: Does he go and be trained as a Manipulator, or does he stay with his brother and grandmother?

The Manipulator, Ch. 2: Connected

Max Wolf

"Only blood can kill blood." Wolf and Blade travel to the Other World to meet with Griff Harold, who confirms Wolf as the most powerful Manipulator he has ever seen. Blade names Wolf "Apprentice Manipulator", and a connection is formed between Wolf and his gryphon.

Ocean Floor Disco (Part 1)

Dana Miner

fantasy-humor-story prose-poetry

Poem: Mad Merlin

AC Bamblett

They say that King Arthur's Merlin went mad for a time and disappeared into the hills... This is a medium-length poem inspired by Stephen R. Lawhead's 'Merlin'.

Wyvern Project 3: A Tale of Madness and Pride

Richard Lorenz

A Treatise on the Damnation of a Soul and its effects on Society at Large: Or, A Tale of Madness and Pride

Her Blood (short story)

D. Hendrikson

When a plague threatens Kingsland and the Greylands, both sides will do anything for the cure. That cure is locked in the blood of a young girl, the only creature to survive the plague yet. The side that gets to her first will win the war...

Santa Claus: Medieval Secret Undercover Agent---Episode Four, Slimetrail Skulks SantaVille

Paul Doyle

---This story is for Elfwood writer Che Franz Joseph Monro, who has been an excellent reader/critic, and is a fantastic writer in his own right--- I admit, I like Episode Three even though it's strange and not for the easily offended. However, there seems to be a lot in it saying 'this story sequence is doomed to imminent lameness after this installment.' It took me a long time to get back to this story, because a great number of things happening in my real life, like moving, getting eye muscle surgery for my son, getting into a couple minor auto accidents, and the holidays---and, of course, getting my Elfwood art gallery up. I'm glad I took a while coming back to this story, because this turned out way better (and way longer) than originally planned.Quick recap: Part One introduces the insanity and wins Mod's Choice despite a flawed story. Part Two focuses on adventure and some cheesy music. Part Three points out the strangeness of a certain religion, and winds up being bizarre (and gets the fewest 'hits') because I was willing to take risks. Part Four also takes risks. It doesn't take place on the border of Orcaporka on the planet Terradum, but at Santa's Village at the North Pole of our very own Earth. If you ever wondered what labor relations were like at the North Pole, here ya go. I believe this is the best one yet. I have scaled back the insane wackiness and taken a more mild, relaxed approach. Slimetrail the Imp has his moment of glory in this story. Brian Claus (the real brains behind Santa's Village) is unveiled in all his zitty, nerdy yet strangely cool glory. When you're done reading, please let me know if I should continue this story or not. I'd sooner discontinue it, rather than let it get staler and triter than your average made-for-TV 'Heartwarming Emotional Family Christmas Reunion Mushiness.' Or, as Neil Young sang so many years ago, 'It's better to burn out than it is to rust.'

Things Still Happen in Nowhere (Chapter 1)


CHAPTER 1 of a love story between two mental teenagers (this won't go right...) in a community in the middle of nowhere.


Ellen Hyde

This was written for a school assignment last year. I had started writing it earlier, then finished it because I liked the story, and, after all, I needed something to turn in. I will freely admit that the war thing is just sort of a plot device that I used to turn an idea into a story.