The Queen Stands Alone

Khalilah AllahLee

Marthallia (pronounced Mar-tall-ya) was obsessed with perfection. She demanded it from all in the fae over which she reigned as Sitting Dark Faerie Queen. With all her skills, knowledge, and sense of style, she ruled without empathy and compassion which caused the Council to harshly banish her from the queendom of the fae. Forced to live the rest of her life in the wilderness of the Human World, Marthallia will learn the importance of having these qualities when demanding perfection. She must meet this challenge, learn to live as Human, and endure tough situations without the magic of her faerie powers.

Fated Fallings

Adam Quinn

This is a rough draft of a story which better helps to describe the past of one of my RolePlaying characters, Kortham Grimard

When Silence Echoes, Chptr 1


Started December 20, 2000


Chris Brant

This story is my attempt to begin something that doesn't really have a beginning or end, which starts somewhere and ends somewhere, but doesn't really flow in a straight line. Last updated on December 1st, 2002.

The Creative People

Lainey Welsch

Another Nyquil induced yeah.... not exactly fantasy but hey its people like us that make it tee he...

Soul of Myth

Jennifer Ruebel

Every tale that has ever been told came from the same essential source.

The Citadel, prologue

Louise Boucher

This is my new edit of the Prologue, it's not changed much! I've included a little more information in my author's note to update it with some of my new work on the Dragonian langauge. You don't have to read it, the prologue itself follows after the big titiles (which should be viewed in a font called 'dauphin' like all the Citadel chapter headings)! If you would like to discuss the Prologue or the preamble with me you can post a question or comment in this journal entry. If you want to discuss the whole of the story or make a general point then post here.

He Walks Behind

Emily Kirsch

A mysterious man follows behind a rather cynical girl who waits far too much...

How Falyin's Narrator Saved the Day - Part One

Jennifer Knight

In my Creative Writing class this last semester (Spring 2001, if I don't keep up with this) we had an exercise where we had to write a fairy tale. Well, start one, at least. My professor enjoyed what I had started, and said that I should finish it for one of the assignments that we had to turn in. I don't think that this could really be called a fairy tale right now, but I kind of like it. It's not intended to be anything but enjoyable for someone between six and ten--and for the person reading it to that child, but there's more of that in part two. Enough of that, though! On with the story! (P.S. - Part Two will be up rightly soon; I just need to get access to my own computer to put that one up.)

Literary Limbo Lounge

ME Burnham

Have you ever wondered where characters go when their stories are over? When the adventure ends and when no one is reading their work? Who would run such an establishment? Have you ever wondered what the muses are truly like and what they do in their “off-time?” Welcome to the Literary Limbo Lounge. The first of a (as of yet) uncompleted three-parter. Edit 12-23-05: Oh my goodness! 8D Mod's Choise?! Oh, thank you, thank you Moderators!

* imagination *

Michelle Andersen

This is a story i wrote for school. We were told to choose a human atribute and create a story as if that atribute were a person. I chose imagination.

A Happy Medium

Amanda Johnson

In a land of the pure eccentricity and creativeness of the human mind, a writer finds themself in the middle of a conflict between two common character minds

Beneath The Shadows

Sarah Vernon

This was my final piece of coursework for my second year creative writing module. I got a 2.1 (B) which is pretty good at university level. I thought it up while walking home in the dark...