The Watcher

Dylan Hollis

This is a story about an eternal cycle, an eternal watcher, a person trying to find the meaning of love.


Jared Adolf-Bryfogle

This is about what all of us feel (I think) at some point in our lives. When we look around our world, we can't help but wonder why our world is the way it is.

Rose Chap. 1 (1st in vamp series

Brianna (Bree) Lawcock

Ths story of the vampire Rosa, chaotic as it is...o.o


Cedric Rominger

My favorite charaters. I created him years ago.

Creator & Creations, Part 1

Jake Beasley

I meet my characters. Every single one of them, ranging from a two-headed serpent to the well-known Phoenix and Aura. But they need my help. After all, I am their Creator.

The Creation of Dragonworlds

Jesper Angermund

I have combined my two creation stories into one, and hope it is better this way.

Chapter Two (untitled)

Isabella Montgomery

In this chapter,Clara is taken to feed. Victor's true feelings and intentions for Clara are also revealed. There's more but I don't want to spoil the chapter. I appreciate comments!

Something Joyful

Nicole Antonia Rodovsky

Story 4 for a book I call 'The Angels of Whitewing County.' The demon-turned-angel from the earlier story, 'Deliverance,' lives as a human to gain wisdom now that she is released from her self-imposed/created Hell.

Memories of Magic: Part I - Memories of Nothing

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

Summary: Calliope meant more than life to me, simply because…well, she is life to me. If not for her, I would not exist. She is my creator…to bad she doesn’t remember it at all…Taken place in the future, but is mostly fantasy oriented....could be considered science fiction. A/N: Hey! This is the first longer short story I am submitting. It is six parts in all with an epilogue. I am not that good longer stories yet, so there might be some errors. Any tips or advice is welcome and I hope you enjoy the story! ^_^

Every Thing, Yet of Nothing at All

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

oh my! I can't believe this! I wrote another storem/!?!?!?! I thought after Of Unseen Things, I would be done...I dunno waht happened. It was a wednsday and I was feeling reall really pooy and lazy. To a point where I didn't even brush my hair all day and didn't want to do anything. And then as I was sittin at the comp I just started writing...and this is what came out, but I must say; it did the trick. I was totally peppy and hyper after I got done. Its like when you have to go to the bathroom really bad, but you don't, but when you do. It's such a relief! I tried to make it a little different from my other poerys/storems. But tis not that much different. But one major difference, is that I took out the couple word phrases from between each paragraph and also....well you'll find out ^_^

Memories of Magic: Part IV Memories of Innocence

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

There are some things in this chapter that bug me, but I am not sure how to fix them. But if anyone doesn’t notice them, then I won’t change anything. Also, as you can probably see, the chapters are getting longer and longer. (The first one was only 5 pages, now this one has jumped to 9!) But they don’t really get any longer than this, so no worries! Thank you for reading! Oh! And Johnny is a name that has great sentimental value to me, and the origins of the name are what inspired the story in the first place!

The Creation

Jarrett Brown

This is not ment to be an incredibly exciting story. Its a condensed history of my world. I find that it helped tremendously to write this, and now I'm putting it up before I put up the actual story, which is about 1/4 done. . . You may find this interesting, its not to long.

The Rainbow Stone part 5

Harold Alter

Tram finds out he had been tricked by King Moran to lead a new colony out into the wild. He also finally finds love, in the wielder of the Staff of the Rainbow Stone.

Blue Matter (poem)

Jamie Creature' Isfeld

A gentle story-poem. You have to read it to know it. As usual, please leave one piece of constructive criticism with all comments.

To You

Raymond Schlitzkus

Ok, first poem for me in about 8 years and scarce few before that :) So consructive criticism is desired. I was reading some of my favorite book 'Gods Game Plan' (aka the Bible) and an idea formed. I got very distracting having that bouncing around in my mind so I stopped reading and typed it out.This poem suggests that decisions made in this existence affect our afterlife so it may be addressed to you. :) In any case I hope you find it illuminating. :)P.S. I'm not sure if it needs punctuation, or if it is less distracting without it.Edit: I believe that God put this on my heart, short and to the point as it is, because of the first paragraph. The USA is a country of freedom founded on Christianity and yet so many are not saved. It is sad that Christians are all over but some people see us and think we are just good people, while others see the joy and hope within us but don’t know where it comes from. This is a shout out, I hope more hear! :D

The Tale of Years - I. The Maker and the Earth

Christopher Manica

The beginning of the creation-myth portion of a grand epic poem that is just a mad dream at the moment.

Legends of the Eslis

Emily Ratka

The first ideas I got for this were from FF6, so some of the ideas might seem a bit on the copied side, but don't worry, it folds out into a totally different story.

Sanctuary Chapter One

Justin Lucas

One man. Thousands of prophecies. The earth is about to be overcome with evil. The destroyer has come. Two will be chosen.


Nicole Antonia Rodovsky

Story 2 for a book I call 'The Angels of Whitewing County.' A demon sets out to create havoc on Earth and gets more than she ever bargained for or dreamed of...and that of her heart's greatest desire. As a creative writing teacher of mine once has issues with the title do to the movie of the same title suggestions are warmly welcomed.


Scott Gajewski

'Humans beings are a disease, a cancer on this planet. You are a plague, and we are...the cure'