Brekk Adrian

A school assignment, the challenge was to create a story about the unkonw, i chose to tell the tale of a corrupted priestess, a set of twins and a creature. The story is set in feudal Japan and got a rather high mark for the project, i hope you enjoy it.

Beauty and the Beast, 3-5

Carmel Shachar

A non-traditional uptake of Beauty and the Beast. The narrative is a bit strange and rare. Come check it out! Here Beauty and the Beast get to meet... true love? True hate? You decide!

Darkness Lives ~Part One- Fear Of The Dark~

Angela Nordahl

This is the beginning of a series of dark fantasy stories, I published it before on here, but this is the final, edited, version.

the Creature in the Cave

Alyssa'Zel Osborne

Three kids who finde something they didn't expect to find.

Into the Night

Victoria Phillips

In the darkness, I shall run.

Ringwe Elenea

Elena Oorebeek

Another night creature poem...I wrote this when we got out first big snow of the year, on Dec.2. I don't know if this one is as good as the other tho'... title means 'Cold Stars'

Darkness Surrounding Chapter 3

Ira Robinson

Chapter Three of the novel I am in the midst of :D

Storm Bound ch1

Jake Thomas

My first attempt at horror/fantasy. I've never been a fan of standard horror movie cliches, so I wanted to do something scary and unpredictable. Except its not totally unpredictable, as that would be too predictable! The story is about a small village militia on the hunt for a band of Wildlings who raided there village. Meanwhile, a storm brewing

Lady of Fury 1

Karen Crumley

A darker side of myself emerges, in the character Beliah. A dragon-like creature known as a Dorndin... (Due to popular suggestion, this will be the new chapter 1 of my novel at )


Kimberley Painter

I wrote this just before i went to bed...i just had this sudden inspiration to write something down. Its not exactly BRILLIANT but i like it! Oh course it kind of turned out more morbid then i expected...i swear i was only going to do a description of a beautiful creature!

Of Courage and Fire (2,3)

J. Schroeder

Parts two and three of Orispide's quest to destroy the beast. Without the Elders' approval and against all odds, what will Orispide and Katal discover as they set out on the first stage of their journey? (fairly brief - the sections will get longer as I go along)

Of Courage and Fire (4,5)

J. Schroeder

Parts four and five of Orispide's tale. After the morning's grim events, Orispide and Katal force themselves to move on. But when they chance to meet a strange hunter in the woods, will they trust him?

Death's Rendition

Cayley Adams

Death is a creature blind as the night, with dark hooded features and masked to our sight.


Amanda Williams

A simple little descriptive thingy brought on by a discustion with a friend. We were walking and I said it wasn't my fault I had a neck (we were discusing coldness) and she said why don't we saw it off then. I said ok, then questioned about my spine, then suggested that we just push it down and give me a tail. She thought it was gross. I liked the idea. Here's what became of it.

Torn - Chapter 9

Nina Roussakova

This chapter is about what happens with the soldiers and Shae. You will notice that, compared to her previous behavior, she has slightly changed already.

Chapter 4: A Sheath of Ivy and the Footprint in the Road

Stephen Watkins, Jr.

History repeats itself, and those who do not learn from it are doomed to repeat it. Tarna is here reminded about the history of the Barbarian Wars from the years of his infancy, and the roots of the current violence. Then he is introduced to an insidious new weapon, and a frightful nightmare is made reality.

The Widowmaker

Emma-Jane Smith

 She is the dread of all Pirates... 

...Your Flesh is Sweet

Rachel Lawlor

A Crapsey cinquain in iamb.  I've followed the tradition of titling the cinquain in a way that it can be read as a sixth line.

Twilight's Child

Fi MacNaughton

A song about a dhampir...

Lone Rider

Fi MacNaughton

The hopefully-creepy sequel to 'Twilight's Child'...