Children of the Mists

Anson Brehmer

Few things can be as purely cruel as a child...especially a child that never has to grow up... (Last update: 7/24/04)

Skeleton Dance

Megan Crewe

I wrote this poem a few years ago, but it's still one of my favourites. I was trying to write a love poem that didn't sound like any other love poems I'd read, and this imagery came to mind.

The Professor’s Findings

M. Okma

A creepy look into the world of fairies...What are they hiding and how far are they willing to go to protect their secrets?


Michael Graham

This is just a little poem that I wrote, which is weird because I hate writing poems. I just thought of it while I was bored and wrote it down.

Dream or Reality?

Kiki Smith

A peom I wrote in grade three years ago...just kinda a little freaky thng

goldenshine (poem)

Megadoe Morgan

a poem NOT about my Novel'GOLDEN SHINE'


Charles Trowbridge

This is one of the stories i wrote in 'advanced' short story last year at school. It isent my best, but with the prompt i was given, i did what i could. The prompt, by the way, was the first sentence. Hope you like this one. This is acculy the second ending, when i wrote it before i dident like the end, so i changed it.....but i am not totally happy with it either. I'd like feedback on the structure and ending espically.

Dream a Demon

Brittany Zayas

A weird little bit of a story I wrote a year or two ago. I'm not sure if it was meant to be the beginning of an actual longer story or what. I'm not sure if I'll ever continue it (I'm not sure what else should happen), but it does end without an explanation so maybe there should be more.... I'm not sure how I thought of it or why. It's mostly completely random.

Darkest Night

Gavin Oswald

My first poem ever! Yay!


Kortnee Bryant

A shortish poem that my husband says is creepy. What do you think?

Through the Looking Glass

Laura Sharp

An intersting short poem

The first tale of Murklusia!

Michael Brown

Murklusia is a place unknown to the reader currently, but this poem describes one area in the large land. It describes the start of a tale of five heroes who set off to save the world from destruction, but what is to come of them?

The Room

Charles Sims

 this is based off of a strange and creepy short story i read in seventh grade that has stayed with me ever since. It was about a room that changed according what you wanted it to be. The room could change into the open savannah, or into a mythical world. My version can only show memories though. This makes it different, so its not fanfiction. I repeat : this is NOT fanfiction. Enjoy.

The Formula for Skin

Winona Nelson

A young genius is obsessed with inventing. She's also on the run from the government, who want to figure out how her telekinesis works. Occasionally she has enough time between relocations to work on her inventions, and soon she comes to build a robot. It doesn't turn out how she expected it to...

A Mortal Life: Ch. One

Serafina Alderon

Just read it, descriptions are so restricting...

maggots and guts with eel pie (poem)

Megadoe Morgan


Lovers III

Rachael Beardsley

Final part in the Lovers trilogy.


Kiki Smith

A variation on 'Dream or Reality?', all different except for the last stanza, and the repeating line. This one was writin last year

A Fall Walk


A woman takes a walk in the forest on a fall night.

The Cabin


A story about a strange bunch of creatures meeting each other in the middle of a forest... in a cabin that is probably cursed. Don't ask me 'cause if you do it won't be a surprise anymore, have fun!