Beyond Ragnarok (P3)

Daniel Lix

Yet a further continuation in the crusade of the gunfighter, Drake. He'd met up with Sten Ivories, a mercenary like himself, and asked for assistance. Now they must do battle with soldiers of unknown origin and influence.

Montilin IV - The Far West

Nicolas Godbout

After the tragedy that befalls Payne, a sense of dread reaches his sisters in the far west. In this chapter, the story focuses on Nashra, who will become a main character in the series overall, and lightly on Menyar, who will essentially become a supporting role. What will greet them in the lands of Montilin?

Small Selection of Horrific Stories

Bart Meijer

A couple of stories I wrote a few days ago. I tried to put in a subtle hint of horror, and I hope I succeeded, please comment!!

Pirates 'I: Escape'

Bristien Havenaar

'Autobiography' of Wake Ho, Intergalactic Pirate. (2001-Present)

Pirates '3: The Humble'

Bristien Havenaar

'Autobiography' of Wake Ho, Intergalactic Pirate. (2001-Present)

The Builder and the King

Anna Cierocki

I was experimenting with characterization and speech and this was the result. I couldn't decide if the character was guilty or not, and I think that comes through in the writing.


Emily Everhart

Inara Valentine is just a normal teenager... with magical powers and an interesting after school job...

Proposition (Quite a Mess pt. 2)

James Stroman

Little Johnny finds that his little scheme has gotten him in worse trouble than he originally thought.

Law of the Wild Chapter 02

Mitch Wold

Mark East is a detective with a serious problem...

Law of the Wild Chapter 01

Mitch Wold

Mark East is a detective with a serious problem...

White Lies

Winona Nelson

Art-jackers take control of the most famous aesthetic spacecraft in modern history, leaving only one survivor.

Vicious Cycle

Omri Cohen

A man tries to fight time itself in order to save the one he lost, and to unravel the mystery of his past.Time, though, might not be the only thing that stands in the way of his heart...

Beyond Ragnarok (P2)

Daniel Lix

Drake, a gunfighter in a post nuclear world, has accepted a mission to locate a farmer named Richard Hill, who'd been abducted by one of the local crime families living in New York. In times of trouble, we turn to our friends. Drake's no exception.

Black Box

Aron Zell

A short story about the near future and what could happen when some makes a discovery we all want.

Preamble to Oblivion 03 - 'A Four Forty'

Bristien Havenaar

A short story about an old militiaman, reminiscing and living his life aboard the space station Neg'Veghan.

For Her I Danced

Leigh Erickson

So. This is for Brandi^_^ because she is a wonderful person and wrote me a double sestina and a regular one, and so i thought i'd writer her a double... and because she loves Morn, who is the speaker in italics. This is my first stab at a double sestina, partially to try to break a block, but yeah... it's about Natham who is Autumn and his Keeper, Morn- sort of a guard. Heh...^_~

Occult Cases

Henrik Lerdahl

OK, I usually don't do sequels to my stories, but since 'The Investiagation of Enquirer Rotier' became so popular I was tempted. Some people asked me to write more about him, and my first thought was that this would be hard, seeing as the main character has no personality to speak of. But my mind started working on the idea, and here is the result. Now, firstly, this story ended up almost twice as long as the previous one. Depending on how you wiew my writing, this may or may not be a good thing. Secondly, this time I plunged down into dark, icky horror. I'm afraid that this story won't measure up to the predecessor, since they are completely different flavor-wise, but I hope it won't be TOO bad. If you haven't read the first story, don't worry. I wrote them to be entirely independant of each other.


Katie Hallahan

I don't actually have a title yet, but I'm thinking I'll use this as a new take on a story I wrote a while ago. Iadeis (Eye-uh-dice) is the main character.

Almost Heroine

Elizabeth Gerrow

In our English class of grade 9, we had to write *journals* where the teacher would give us a sentence and we'd have to add to it- but you could chose to share your thoughts or you could write a poem/story...Most of the time, I chose to write a story. This is one of them- one of my faves actually. It's supposed to be in the Middle ages...but there's modern English in it.

Street Shadows Prologue

Keya Paul

The prologue to a story/book/novel I'm writing called Street Shadows. This part won't make any sense to anyone unless you read the rest of the story and know the twists and turns. But, it's short, 'sweet', and very confusing. Now, the story Street Shadows is about a girl named Vincy (won't be introduced until the next chapter) who's the young leader of a street gang in a kinda futuristic world where most of the cities are divided and run by gangs and powerful crime lords. But, it seems humans are not the only creatures on the streets. The rest I'll tell later, but generally it's about gangs, vampires, demons, crime, and all that stuff in it. The story line is developing rather rapidly, so if you're interested, keep checking back.