Crimson chapter 20

Alyssa Green

So yeah. I'm sorry if this one is only okay, I was editing really fast. I'm sorry it's so long! Grah! Anyway, I hope everyone likes it. I'm trying really hard to finish this story, I'm sorry that its always so slow!!! :(

Crimson,chapter 4

Alyssa Green

More of my novel in the making. it has swords in it, if you like sharp pointy things like me.

Crimson Blade: Chapter 08

Chad Wilson

Ronin and Midori get ready and head out for the port city of Tenko.

A Walk in the Woods

Rosie a.k.a female fred

I was bored one day, so I painted a picture of a phoenix, taking as my reference point a crimson topaz hummingbird. I then thought 'hmm.. I want to write something,' and this is what occurred

Beneath the Crimson Moon

Regina Rotshtein

I've always loved any imagery, visual or verbal, involving the moon, and a red moon, in particular. Then I was finally truly inspired by it. This story went from initial idea to written product within 25 hours, a personal record.

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 21-24

Ann Baker

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 21-24

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 11-15

Ann Baker

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 11-15

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 6-10

Ann Baker

When Crimson finds herself thrown into harms way, she must fight to survive. Her home and the lives of all the elves in the White Forest depend on her for their continued survival. Yet she's not ready to face the Dark One. Crimson is set on a path of amazing discoveries. She makes new friends and discovers amazing new worlds in her quest to conquer the lich who threatens her existence. With the bow and blade of the Obsidian Phoenix, Crimson cuts a path of destruction straight through to the heart of evil. In the process she discovers her own true heritage and the hope that lies within.

Crimson Night - Prologue

Michael Jones

A prologue to something I have started to write, first chapter will be up shortly. Enjoy!

Crimson, chapter 7

Alyssa Green

Umm, a look at Cal's view of things, and a brief bit of his past. Poor him. He worries too much.


Kristina Cookson

I'm sure this one will confuse lots of people :)

A Morning Flight

Caitlin Martin

Just a short poem I jotted down while in the car....veryunusual for me, but anywho, hope you like it ^_^


David Nusse

This is the revised version of Crimson Skies Part 1. I decided to change the title and keep it as a stand alone short story.


Lindsey Cotman

Ermmm... I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this. I get the feeling I was maybe a tad upset...

Crimson Kingship

Areidra-Emma Gabourie

A little bloody/gory piece written for a Language Arts assignment... we were supposed to use 'the Monkey's Paw' for inspiration...

Crimson Ground - Poem

Brandon Halcomb

Look at it. You'll see...

Chapter 28

Alyssa Green

A continuation of a vampire story I've been working on for some years now. Most of it takes place during a dream the main character (and vampire) Rose, is having. It also explains most of the story so far.

Chapter 29!

Alyssa Green

Sorry, but I had to! It's the cliffhanger before the last chapter! *hides* sorry if this chapter sucks- I can't decide if it goes on for too long or not. My computer also ate one of the action parts, so I redid it at like, midnight. Hence the crappiness. Anyhoo, this is violent, because it is the final battle! And a vampire story! I'll shutup now!

Crimson (chapter 3) - The Battle

Samuel R. Joseph

This is the third part of Crimson. Together, the first three parts round off the 'prologue' to the story (yes, that's right, looks like this is going to be a long one...) I quite like the fight scene here. Let me know what you think!

Crimson (chapter 1) - Becoming the Light

Samuel R. Joseph

Originally entitled 'Raindrops shatter like glass' (that was a working title). I've now decided to continue this... though at this point I'm not sure exactly where it's going. Comments are most welcome!