The Prince's Wedding Night

Joanna Blaine

I wrote this for an artist on Elfwood named Hila Gerasy who has a picture of the same title. She wanted someone to write a background to the picture. The pciture is at this address:

Jasdrin... Chapter Three

Laura Holmstrom

A tale of a space commando stranded on a magical planet...

Angel Cross - Wolves

Lisa Karsai

Chapter 2! yey! I never thought I would do this but since I got mods choice on part one and I had some really nice comments about it i thought I better do more to answer the pestering questions and get all those people hungry for more off my back. Thanks for the support anyways! Vincent isn't back in this one, a few new characters are introduced and it gets a little stranger. I'm not sure what questions it answers, if any, but read and tell me what you think!

Red and Black prologue

Tabitha Ruf

People, and others, can do some stupid things on their quest for power. A mysterious jar is said to be the bane of all mortal kind. When a hellish beatle barters with a demonic cyborg, lives are already at steak.

GGC - Part II - 5 - Thorns

Marlena Cannon

'The hatred isn’t his, she decided as she allowed his polite gesture. The pain of the mountain seeps into the air, into everything that moves upon it.'


Chyaz Samuel

I have never done so much thinking, planning, editing, re-editing and re-writing. This is my favourite piece so far, and it is dedicated to the one and onlyMuffin Girl, because she is the most fantastic editor. Thank you Alice for taking all the time to do this for me! Enjoy the finished thing, this is for you!

Pirates of the Emerald Sea

Karen-Birgitte Borud

My first ever pirate story! It's only the beginning, but still. Maybe I'll upload some more another day? You can find pictures of the main characters Isabella and Octavia on my fantasy and sci-fi art page. The first pharagraph of the story, written in italics, is my personal info about the world and not a actual part of the story.

Angel Cross - Answers

Lisa Karsai

Chapter four of the onslaught! Time to try and answer a few of your nagging questions I think... A bit of a shorter chapter this time, I hope to fatten it out at some later date.. Tell me it answer's at least a few questions... please?

Angel Cross - Rio

Lisa Karsai

And chapter five! A quick update to the next chapter this time eh? I have been writing a great deal so if a few details are out forgive me, i was too inspired and full of the urge to just write to look back and verify. Meet Rio! The information clerk!

The Cross

Samuel Lopez

A simple short story, I might add on to It. I could use some constructive critisizim also from anyone who offers.

Forever Stay

mironda burch

Sometimes English assignments payoff! This poem is about a vampire who wants nothing more than to be loved

Angel Cross - Lost

Lisa Karsai

Chapter eight (One of part two) I'm not too sure about the about the chapter name, or the point of this chapter either, I suppose it's to fill in a gap between the last one and the next one (which is kick arse apprently) Oh well, you're stuck with Deamon for a while after Angela did her nice little cliff hanger in the last chapter. You may even find out what happened to her eventually, but not yet... Not yet. Enjoy and comments more than welcome as usual!

Angel Cross - Monster

Lisa Karsai

Chapter ten, sorry its taken a while, first I couldn't upload because of a.... little bad language, should have remembered, and then my comp died. Anyway, here it is, long awaited, much wanted, the next chapter and the plot thickens, I hope I tied up a few of the lose ends in this one and the next is a rollercoaster ride. Can we say comments?

Jasdrin... Chapter One

Laura Holmstrom

A tale of a space commando stranded on a magical planet...

Chapter 1: The Woods Mansion

Kristin Erickson

The first chapter in a novel, telling the story of a supernatural investigator. But what exactly is she herself?

Preamble to Oblivion 01 - 'Awake and Dreaming'

Bristien Havenaar

This is a chapter from my forthcoming collection of short stories pertaining to the characters from my novel 'Pirates', chapters of which are posted here in my library. This sequence is a short vignette about Wake Ho, the main character from 'Pirates'. It takes place several years before the main story, in Wake's teenage years. (2007)

The Warrior's Struggle

C. Thompson

Heavily religious work written in about a half hour. I do not take credit for this work. I do envision it in an actual universe where the warrior has been physically consumed by the beast and the story taking place within the beast. That was the impression I had when I was told to write it.

Angel Cross - Spider

Lisa Karsai

Chapter Seven and end of part one... I won't give anything away other than a new character, a death of a character, and some combat. You're not afraid of a little spider are you?

Angel Cross - Angela

Lisa Karsai

Chapter six is here! Time to answer some more question, at least I hope so. I think I got a little muddled up with the time frame somewhere along the line trying to fit everything in the right place... will have to fix that when I go back and edit... I tried something a little different in this chapter and I hope it works. A bit of fighting, a bit of plot and some down right moody people... Oh and only just finished!


Christina Brillante

The death of an vampire and her thoughts on it.