Mrs. Squirrel and Mr. Weasel

Rebecca Morgan

The story of the good Samaritan, with a twist. ^_^ Reminds me a little of Brian Jauques stuff. (2 pages, finished)

Autumn Wind Dancer

The Autumn Wind Dancer's side of the story.See "Scarecrow".9th.


The Scarecrow's side of the story.See "Autumn Wind Dancer".9th.

The three crows of good fortune: Part 2

Emma Stephenson

The second part of my serial story. A lull betwen one and three, which is where stuff actaully happens

The Reminiscing

Josephine Broshears

The story is about the creation of a new species. The name of the species will be excluded as to the fact of keeping such beings a secret. However the story takes place in a Medieval history line, with a twist of fantasy and gore.

The Rookery

Risiart Lloyd

Was feeling moody, so wrote. Have to say, I like it.

The Three crows of good fortune: Part 3

Emma Stephenson

The third part. This is one of my favourites.

The Three Crows of Good Fortune: Part 4

Emma Stephenson

It's the final installment! This entire story is actually pretty old: I couldn't get the formatting to work.

Black Bird Sings

Holly baby' Davidson

this is a dream i had. its kind of sttylised i guess. teehee black birds are cool

The Crow Master

Eva Moulen

I wrote this for somebody special, just for a quick laugh and to give you a bit of info on the Duskland Chronicles...


Jacqueline(Jackal) Pirtle

once again, I was bored one day...

The House

Jake Peatey

A short adventure for Robinson, my intrepid bard. Did this for a bit of coursework at school, I think. Came 16th in a writing competition for 'Secret Attic' and was published in their January 2007 booklet.

Counting Crows

J. 'Vi' Jacobs

This took forever to finish, but I like the end result.


f. hiromitsu

the title has nothing to do with the poem... i didn't konw what to call it so my sister said, 'call it necklace and confuse everyone.' so ... be confused, i am too.


Marie de Bellefeuille

A name tells a lot, even more when it is cursed... She goes after her Prince, but to find him, she must cross the plains of Hell. And there, she will only find despair... Inspired by Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials', where the children have to cross through Hell.

Under the Earth: Intro: Dareko

Nicole Simoens

Dareko is an insane water mage who plays a bad guy for half the story and a guardian of the child of mystic for the last half. Here's the intro that explains why he wanted to kill Ekoma.

The Guardian

Nicole Simoens

Ah yes. We tend to wander into the lives of others, meaning nothing more than to ask a simple question, 'are you alright?', but find ourselves falling fast into their lives... This story is for my beloved Wolf. I promise i'll be alright.

A Buffet For Corvids

Jake Diebolt

A fantasy battle from the point of view of the carrion crows. Written especially for an Elfwood writer with a large mothlike muse. I apologize in advance for the pseudo-british accents...but I've always found them charming, especially on birds. Enjoy the Corvids!

Harbingers Of Death

Risiart Lloyd

Erm. Lots and lots of mythology references all over the place. Odin's a Norse God, obviously. Erm. Muninn and Huginn were his Ravens. The Raven and the Wolf are frequently refered to as Harbingers of Death in Celtic and Norse mythology. Erm, Ariel is the Archangel of Beasts, Azrael is often quoted as the Archangel of Death. Raphael is quoted as being the Archangel of Healing. And if you don't know which Raven quoth 'Nevermore', then you shouldn't be reading poetry *Grins*.

Prologue: The Massacre of the Faeries

Willard Gates

Just a little story idea I am toying with...