Chapter 8

Opal Parkison

Possibly the shortest chapter ever... Aivren meets some people she wishes she wouldn't need to.


Beth Smith Madden

This is a section of a five part description I'm doing on worst fears. Hopefully, I'll write the other ones eventually, and perhaps I'll even write a real story to go with it. I couldn't think of a name for her very quickly, so I just used my middle name. Just a note: please read through the whole story before dismissing it as a realistic fiction. Please?

Death (Poem)

Jinni Blanchard

Talks about death as if you didn't notice

Black Magic

Frank Berendsen

The wise girl Mephala, who already lives for thousands of years, is asked to do a spy mission for the prince at a guild of Black Mages. It's rumoured that they do terrible things to people...

Indira Dakmor-Torture-Part I

Staci Earnest

This is a little bit of my character's life, Indira Dakmor. It's a little bit of a love story, torture, you know. ::Grins::

Wyvern Project 4: Johnny Walker

Richard Lorenz

According to the project guidelines, this is the story of a person who starts out very low in life. Johnny gets an incredible break. He turns his life around, affects those around him, and has the chance to change the course of life in a human city and an elven tribe. But will he throw it all away for revenge?


Bryony Stubbs

This had to be edited a little for Elfwood, but it might be better for it. It's just a poem about a vampire that isn't entirely friendly. I kind of feel sorry for her (or possibly him).

Night of Nets

Justen Waterhouse

A boy, who's lived all his life with minimal human contact, meets a girl. She's rather strange and has an even stranger secret. She has a command.

Beyond Hayte: Chapter 1

Alexa Hendrickson

Have you ever been beyond hate? When cruelty and torture are too good for those who deserve it? Have you ever wanted to taste the sweet blood of death, release the anger you’ve held onto so long? Have you ever gotten to that point when you don’t care about the consequences, or what you may end up doing? Have you ever broken a promise to be kind, and wreck havoc on the innocent? There comes a time when we all feel such hate. For some, it’s only a momentary thought that crosses the mind. For others, it’s a one time commitment in which they regret the moment it’s over. And yet, there are the occasional few like myself, who only live to smile as people die at our hands.

A Heart Blacker Than Black

Hannah G.

Just a little story on the side, my boredom often leads to such short stories as this.

Lost Paradise I

Josephine Rosén

The first part of a long series of stories about the happenings of a small group of dragons in a cruel, futuristic world were they might encounter almost everything. The first part we're we meet FlyFoot and her firends for the first time and even meet the dreaded Brotherhood.

Lost Paradise V

Josephine Rosén

We take up the thread were it left in part IV. Fly has fled from the modified SpikedRidge and when she returns to their camp an unpleasant thing occurs and things take a different turn...

Catgirl, part 3

Frank Berendsen

Feline wants to search the Silver Pass for Ivor, but is ambushed (again) by robbers. She is sold on the slave market, and is bought by the princess.

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

Kat Clements

From the scratching of a pen comes the truth...even when you may not like it...

A Tale of...Cruelty

Bicskei (Draconida)

I'm not sure about the title,since this story is also about envy,faith and just punishment,but cruelty seemed to be the right choice.Based on a medieval Transylvanian tale.I'm actually named after this lake,it's a wonderful place!


Rachel Lawlor

A woman is having trouble with her new home. What can she do? Just a silly little piece of flash fiction. Personally, my favorite is the pillow. It's the first inanimate object to speak, making it the most absurd, and it's insulting to boot.

The sands

Julia Douglas

This is just a really, really quick overview of the sands from the point of a character I might use. I seem to be writing everying in first person now... strange, considering I used to write in nothing but third person. Well, always good to try something new, I guess. I hope this is satisfactory even though it's short.

Cruel Sisters

Emily Kirsch

A wonderful tale inspired this one.

Poem: Murderous Disbelief

Jenny Watson

A quick poem i wrote about human nature as a whole. There is an overall symbolism in there though i'm not sure if you'll catch it right away.


Chelsey Clarke

A cruel temptress of a Vampire (whose looks are loosely based on my own) and the games she plays with both mortals and her own kind. By the way, I know that traditionally, Vampires have no reflections, but mine do, ok?