League Reunited, Chapter 3: Inside Information

N. Henry

Equipped now with the Gifts of the Mighty, the League makes their way to the origin of the spectacular map that led them on their great quest in the first place, the legendary city of Amphiroth and it's patron, Lady Zaren.

The Dragon's Sphere

Gabrielle Bartholomew

This was originally intended to be a sort of walk-thru for the visitors to my website.. but it grew too long and made a better short story instead.. please let me know what you think.

Talisman (poem)

Deanna Scott

Every fantasy beast has its corresponding shadow in the human psyche.

To Those Who Wait (End)

E. Hanna

The conclusion of a long wait. Thanks to everyone fro reading my little story.

Crystal Wing

Sierra Sharee

This story is not completed but I need your opinion if I should continue writing it!

Elundi Chapters 1-4

James Scott

The future is a vast place full of things both beautiful and and horrible. For Aelin Stephens and the rest of the crew of the Icarus the universe is neither beautiful or horrible but rather pure and utter boredom. After weeks spent in flight to the paradise planet Miridian there about to stumble on a mystery that will change the course of history. A lone security guard and a stowaway teenage girl with the ability to turn invisible will have to join forces with an ancient alien race known as the Elundi in order save the universe from the greatest threat it has ever faced. Humanity.

~ Loneliness in Crystal ~

Megan Mcbride

I really don't like this one. but who cares, eh.

Chapter 5: Another Reading

Allison Dollar

Perhaps she will see more this time?

Chapter 14: ...Fate...

Allison Dollar

Another little intermission with the thirteen.

Chapter 1

Madeleine Gusdal

Chapter 3

Madeleine Gusdal

Who Am I?

Daniel Lix

Tach is a youth with a tortured past. He was orphaned as a child and taken in by a human family, and raised a such. The only thing different about him is the crystal embedded in his forehead -- though his parents sought to cover that up by disguising it as a headband. Nevertheless, he's always been different, his body host to four other beings beside himself, each one representing a specific element.

Of Myst and Fire Chapter 1 Section 1

D Dalley

In order to save their world, one must come to show them The Way. For the Auroreans, the Goddess will show them the Way of Light. For the Djinsyk's, the Great Mother will show them the Way of Peace. But what if there is another way, one that only a Dark Mystress can show them?

Erollisi Lost Begining

Dustin LaBrasseur

In the process of being edited.

The Watcher- Crystal Tears

Erica Wilson

This is another story about the Watcher (Rani) and it thickens the plot in some of the others if your following Three of a Feather, Well I hope that you enjoy!

The Crystal Watchers

Kat Clements

Since the dawn of time, the Crystal Watchers have guarded the sacred Star Crystal, singing the Song of Renewing to keep magic alive in the world. But this time, dark forces are rising against the Watchers.....

As the Hawk Flies - Chapter 2

Jonas Wallenius

The story continues...

Flo ~ story

Peder la Cour

A story about a boy who wants to become a wizard and his dog.

Debauched Utopia

For all the people who wish to be perfect. The concept for this had been tumbling around in my head for a little over a year and it had been a while since I'd written a poem....10th.

The Wild Knight

Jamie Creature' Isfeld

He is the White Wyvern, one of the few of his culture permitted to smile. Thus, everyone in the galaxies want him dead. This is actually the plot for the first of one of my comic books. As usual, please leave one piece of constructive criticism with all comments.