New Order Chapter 1: April's Zenn (part 1)

Graham Butler

This is the beginning of the end of something that is currently in the middle of the beginning of its own end...confused? I sure hope so. Newayz ya I'm doing these parts in short little things because this is still being editied. Have fun reading :D

Cult 37 (Poem)

Amy Downum

Moodiness does pay off. This was written in eighth grade at a bit of an emotional time. Emotion, especially depression, does help. I'm so very happy about the Mod's pick, though. Fanks guys!

Magic's Shadows Chapters 1-2

Queen Carpenter

Yay! I'm going to rewrite this someday, but I had to take a break from it. It was all tangles and knots, and not a thing I could do with it. Plus, I'm one of the crazy obsessive ones who goes sleepless nights writing stories, and I had to get away from it for awhile. But i still love this thing. So here's the rough draft. Needs a lot of grammatical, etc. work, but i'd like to get comments/suggestions on plot/characters and stuff. The plot is copywrited, btw. Did it first thing, since I dreamt it all. :)

The Rising

Justin Privé

This is the first part of a Vampire fiction I intend to finish one day. It is a little bit disturbing, so you have been warned. As the title suggests, in this fragment a vampire is resurrected and takes over the command of his coven. Enjoy!

Moonlight Wondering (Part Three)

Alexander Tash

A teenage girl and her grandfather go see the Master of the Druids and talk about the evil cult; Moonwalkers.

Sibling Rivalry

Patricia M. Scott

sibling rivalry does not always revolve around achievements...and what if it was taken to another world? Even princesses can fight...

Last Child

Steve Reece

 A dying people try to remember the deep past.

Hearts of Stone pt 3

Heidi Hecht

A strange spacequake rocks Sol System. While Riana takes advantage of it, Stacen has to make a decision that does not make Lizzy happy.

The Isothamnion

Sophie Horton

stories about the temple at the centre of time...


Oana Taylor

Thus us a story that i wrote quite a while ago, that i've left to gather dust. See if you like it, it's not quite finished yet.

A paladin's way - revelations

José Cereceda

Second chapter, Kaliel meet his friend Arahad, and they discovered a dark secret. I had wrote the chapters as the log of Kal. Paladine and Thakisis© TSR, Inc. All this stuff happened in Krynn, about six thousand years AFTER the War of the Lance. So, enjoy! ^_^

50thC Part 3

Ben Ward

The third and final part of the 'first main section' of my story.

Article of South Oaks Prison Execution

Chelsea Pizio

I'm wanting to write a new story of a picture I've drawn. I don't have access to a scanner yet so I don't have a way to show you the picture. It's a stoy of an executioner spirit, or maybe to be considered an immortal demon, by the name Verdugo. I'm wanting to incert articles and tid-its of information from past cultures to decribe Verdugo as others have seen them. I guess it's hard to explain now, but as soon as I finish it, you'll understand. This excert talks of a reporter who read diaries and documents from a prison that was suspected for being owned and run by a cult before its destruction due to structural defects.

A Venture Into The Narrows


Two young warrior trainees venture into the midst of danger...

Hearts of Stone, pt 2

Heidi Hecht

A treacherous cult kidnaps a Guardian. Meanwhile, Lizzy, Stacen, and his family begin their journey to the Moon.

After Dark

Lance Greenlee

On the world of Kattal, things are falling apart.  If you want to survive, swear to the Pact, and don't go out after dark.  If you are ever out late, don't listen to the voices!

Crimson Night - Part 1

Michael Jones

First part of a little series that may or may not be continued very far. My readers will be the decission of that. About the story: Werewolves. Need I say more?