Legend: Prologue


A young Celtic woman is kidnapped by fairies... or is she?

A Brief Overview of the PAW


The Purple Alien World as of yet has no name. I know, it's ridiculous, but until I come up with a name for it, I'll keep referring to it as PAW. Well, here's the history of the PAW; backstory which (I hope) explains Xanthippe's people's reasons for their decision. Like the others, it might be a little inaccurate with the dates, but, who cares?


Charles Trowbridge

Here's the other story I found along with the story 'Silence'. This was was another promp peice, which once again reminds me why i dislike promp peices. Here's the list that i found on the top of this page 'cup apple box forked stick archwy water helmit star wing' I remember that writing this was the lonest 90 minutes of schooling i've ever had.

The Mighty Gryphin

Kent Cordray

This is a poem we wrote after deciding that our favorite animal is the gryphin. We thought it sad that people would not believe they exist so we incorporated that as well. Gryphins are soooo nice and they are very handsome too! I think they are extremely cute! I think they tare respectable because they represent the most powerful animals from there respective classifications; bird-raptors & mammal-wild cats! They also have many mysterious ways and are intriguing. We would like to thank Jen Miller and Stormdancer for their permission to use the pic. They are very cool!

Prodigal Daughter (i)

Désirée Dippenaar

Ten years ago, she left her home and all she knew, throwing away all she had for a life of pleasure. Now, after falling as low as she could get, she has begun to regret her choices. And then her father appears... Note: some mature topics

Thought for Food

Sean McDonell

Even without a language barrier, some extraterrestrial customs are truly alien...

Cultural Sketch of the UniDy

Laramie Kelley

This is what a UniDy is and how they live.

After the Elves Fell

Richard Bruns

Being an Account of Rodrigo Lopez, decorated veteran of the Grand Zeron Army's successful war against the mysterious and aggressive Southern Elves:

Background Excerpt Stillness

Jorieke Savelkouls

Excerpt of Stillness of Dawn. About the battleaxe people, which are centered in this story.

Aliyara 1: Ayolida

Danielle Colman

This is an introduction to the world of Ayolida. From here I will lead on to the main story in due course, but this is really just to help the reader get his/her bearings.

Devotion, Treachery (Chapter Two)

Christian Caldwell

The second chapter relating the events in the life of Tenier and Rika, right before they leave their hometown.

Tales of the Technos

Joy 'Kyrela' Kirkwood

I began writing this one in April of 2002. A few days ago I realized that I had this and should probably do something with it. So I finished the short story that I had started. It takes place long after the original plot, and sets the stage for the secondary plot to take over. I probably do not have enough time or initiative to finish this one (let alone start it...) so don't expect much more of this. But who knows? I may surprise myself. Update 08/20/03: My friend and I have a fantastic idea to turn this into a computer game after he starts his game/software company. Although it's a long, long way off and might not even happen, I won't post any more for fear of ruining it. This is one of the most complicated cultures I have ever created for a story, ever. I have provided a glossary for your convience.

Raiven's Luck 002

Crystal Meth

The second chapter in the Raiven stories for your pleasure! This one begins with a trip...

The Outsiders

Morag Lewis

Shortly after the visit of the mysterious Outsiders, one of the children left the city, chasing after them in curiosity. Matthias, the Junior Loremaster, goes after her. It's against all tradition to leave the city, but he cannot permit her to get to close to the Outsiders, for that is taboo. He's never asked why...

The Contactors - One Answer to the Fermi Paradox

Lance Greenlee

Our nearest interstellar neighbors are aware of our existence.  A century ago, the inventor of the radio on Elipson Eridani turned on the device and was shocked: He heard our voices.  But when they learned what we were like, any return message was prohibited.  They were scared.  Now, however, it seems someone wants to make contact.  That must be stopped at all costs. 

Observations - The Sea

Lindsay Lockhart

If you think of the Observations as a series of short stories, this would be the last.

Prologue: Day of the Bleeding Sun

JY Bradford

Exodus is the first book in the Exiles & Tyrants series. This introductory narrative focuses on the wanderings of the army of the sons of Farar. When King Tána’s sequestered foster-daughter Sóetha, and his estranged champion Dul betray his trust they find themselves hard in flight from the Hound, Tána’s most lethal henchman. Together with Dul’s brothers, Òrmolc and Bórda, as well as the warriors and families that band around them, they set out in search of refuge from their former lord’s wrath. Fugitives, they find that home is a place not so easily remade while they are pursued through all manner of peril by the unrelenting Hound and dogged by the destructive portents surrounding Sóetha’s imminent beauty.Contiue the saga, view original artwork, and even contribute your own artistic influence at www.worldofei.com. The World of Éi awaits...

A Fish Tale

Jamie Creature' Isfeld

My attempt at two things: writing a children's story, and writing about a culture that is both ancient and foreign. It's nice, in my opinion. Not for the person looking for a thought provoker like Gears and Wires. This one, however, uses a lot of ancient Chinese mythology. (The tortoise is a symbol for winter, the dragon one for spring. Plenty of other things like that). As usual, please leave one piece of constructive criticism with any comments you may have.