Stout and Hollow, The Curse of the Spiders: The Spiders March

Chris Wickham

This is a story I have been writing recently. In the first chapter, two elves called Stout and Hollow are face d with the difficult task of fighting off some spiders that have been driven mad by a new evil.

Words of a Dream - Chapter Two

Martha Cundiff

The saga of Anavielcia continues.

Words of a Dream - Chapter One

Martha Cundiff

A frustrated elven princess, her cursed brother, a scheeming noble, a dreadful prophecy. Sound like the making of a fantasy story to you?

To you

Elisabeth Donoghue

(Finally something decent!) This began as a project for an English class. I honestly never thought about writing sonnets before, and well... out came this. Enjoy.

Faerie's Curse

Cullen Groves

The human search for a new home leaves the lives of the volunteer cosmonauts, the Companions, shredded on their return to a much different Earth.

The Sanguine Pig (Part One)

Cullen Groves

This story is a foray into vampire fiction--I'm tired of the lack of original vampires. Everyone just assumes that vampires are Dracula-esque, or whatever, and that's the end of it. So here's my story about a non-traditional vampire.

Catch of the Day (Part 2)

Cullen Groves

James, suffering from the mermaid's curse, must concoct a plan to face the sea-nymph and wrest a counter-curse from her directly.

Catch of the Day (Part 3)

Cullen Groves

James descends to the bottom of the ocean and through the merwoman's trench to her underwater kingdom. Involves a Beowulf inspired battle beneath the sea (very loosely inspired!).

Ignorance (Poem)

Lloyd 'God' Johnson

Poetry through the eyes of an unlikely author.

Dance of Shadows

Robert D

A story I did back in 2004, was actually my first Elfwood work.

The Elven Dance

Tina Andersen

I've always loved the phenomenon of elf dances; a legend telling of how elf maids danced humans to death. *Evil grin* I wrote this as sort of a RPing thingy... whatever. Yeah, yeah, the third verse sucks. Lemme alone... :)

The Seventh Swan

Carrie Hirsch

This poem was inspired by the fairytale commonly entitled 'The Swan Princes'. It takes many incarnations, depending on the author and land of origin, but my favorite has always been the Celtic version. In the Celtic telling, seven sons and one daughter are born to a king. Their mother dies, and the king remarries, but his second wife is jealous of the king's children, and she uses her magic to turn the seven sons into swans. They are able to regain their human form only at night. Their sister attempts to break the spell, but to do so, she must weave coats for them, made of nettles, and put one coat on each swan. During this time, she must remain totally silent, and tell no one of what has happened to her brothers, or they will all die. The sister suffers many hardships, but she manages to finish all but one of the coats. One is missing one sleeve, and when the last brother is returned to human form, the arm that wasn't covered by a sleeve remains as a swan's wing.

Black Faith

Kelly Dragon' Newell

Can you find yours?

Random Thoughts

Imelda Weijers

I play role-playing games with some friends. One of my characters is a powerful wizard with an inferiority complex. Here’s how he got it. When I created this wizard, I was very lucky and ended up with high ability scores. But when I started to play, my luck changed. In our rules system you have to roll the dice to see if you are successful in casting a spell. Everything I tried failed. This lasted for months so I started to think “I don’t know why I even try, I know this will go wrong” every time my wizard wanted to cast a spell or use an ability. And when one of the other characters asked him to do something I would respond “I don’t know, I can try, but I’ll probably fail anyway.” When I started to roll normally again everyone was so used to my wizards hesitation that I decided to keep playing him like that. Well, here are some things that could go through the mind of a wizard with an inferiority complex. (Illustration created by myself, using Poser and PhotoShop)

The Curse: Part I

Sarah Loch

This is the first part of a story I've had brewing in my mind for some time now. Let me know what you think. Part II to follow soon. 9/6/01 Update: I edited the story a little for ease of reading, and, if I'm really good, I may get Part II uploaded today. Soon, anyway.

Chasing a Legand

Jacquelyn Dunlap

A pair of friends go on a quest in the Caribbean for an old pirate treasure. The treasure, however, has a terrible curse upon it.


Josephine Rosén

The arch mage Rahna hears about a strange dragon harassing a small village. When she meets the dragon he claims to be cursed, but are there things as curses?

Lost Love

Aarani Kandaswamy

A poem I wrote, when I was bored one night. I still can't believe I wrote it in one sitting

The Visonary's Curse

Chris Camus

Silva was a Varian visionary, but he didn't agree with Vahriah's methods. His every once of being wanted to love and protect her, and his visions became torture.

The Curse of the Sword

Randall Howell

A Knight is caught up in a twilight-zoneish nightmare.