And They Lived Happily Ever After...

Phil Hickey

This is pretty old, but it was always my mother's favorite... and it is also the one that got me my Talent Scholarship to Whittier.

The Ballad of Ameli

Ilana Greenberg

Two adventurers awake a woman trapped as a statue for 100 years. Thanks so much for the mod's choice (25 Oct 2004). It's a great honor.

Storybook caution

Tricia Sales

Three young ladies learn it is not wise to mess with the fae.  Written for the Echoes of Elfwood competition and inspired by 

Moonlight or Day

Elizabeth Whitcombe

I was doing this roleplay with this guy and *coughs* I jotted down this quick poem about his character. I suppose it's all right, if my friend thinks that it's her favorite story of mine... June 2002

The Curse of the Porcelain Doll

Ivy Callier

I've had this porcelain doll forever - she's got a bean bag body and her face has been painted into a stare that has a friend of mine running scared. Indeed, it is VERY creepy, but she bends to my will, thank god... she is my side-kick in battling evil, and/or all who annoy me, lol. One day I shall carve a porcelain mask and paint it exactly as her's is and I shall wear it all the time... yeah, sounds like a plan - then she will never get mad at me. She scores me big points with the teachers, anyway - my computer teacher loves her and my art teacher is dying to see her. Maybe I should put a picture up?

Gypsy Moon

Erin Coats

A gypsy woman moves to a new town and tries to assist the people by using magick. They turn against her when things go amiss.

None yet... I need to get one though..

Katrina Mckee

This is a story that I have just begun with the help of my good friend Damien. So far as the story tells an evil is woke.. a cursed knight bound on taking revendge on those who put him in such a prision and ready to take up where he left off with the conquering of the land around him. Faith.. a merchant's daughter awakes to find her whole world has been turned upside down and shook. Her family is dead and her only chance is a stranger that just happened apon the wreak, and who just happens to be her worst nightmare.. in a sense. A murder takes place in the main castle and the plot thickens.. I think this story MAY have potential.. I have certainly had fun writing it so far.. but it's only in the very beginning of the story.. comments and constructive critisism are welcome. ^_^ hope you enjoy

Watching, Waiting

Andrew McLeish

I was kinda down when I wrote this one. The title came from a song I had just listened to, and it gave me the idea to write an account from the point of view of one of those guardians of treasures that heroes tend to slay without a moment's thought... I hope it's not too depressing... :)

Sokataeda - Ferreto, oh-ferreto!

Stephanie Schauer

THe fourth story in the Sokataeda series. Selkodass is introduced t othe beautiful, charming Ameli - Sokataeda's mortal enemy. And the shadowy (because all evildoers are shadowy) Zills... Dedicated to Casper, my beautiful BEW ferret, Fuzzydooks/Ursch, Sam, Bec, Canni, Shellectra and all the other wonderful ferret people who have helped me look after Casper.

Cursed Dragon Chronicals 01

Emma-Lisa Hill (a.k.a. em-j, Emily Bunny and Rabbitwolf)

This is a background story for a persona of mine.

The Death Crown

Simone Serii

A young woman travels on a quest with a princess, finding magic, adventure, and betrayal along the way. First three chapters

When It Rains It Pours (part II)

Callie Richardson

So.. here comes the second part of this wonder....filled...myth..thing...heh....heh.

Almost like Life

Ditte Reich

An elf tells about himself.

The Witch Place

Gregory Rabbitt

Written in September 2002, this piece was inspired by a trip to Salem Massachusetts. It isn't really a story at all, but more of an exercise in description. It is also heavily influence by the dark atmospheric qualities of HP Lovecraft.

Curses *Part 1*

Cathin Yang

yeah, my first story. All comments will be helpful. It's kinda messed because I don't write a lot of stories. All people are based off people I know. And I have nothing against trumpets or popular people (well I do but that's a different story)

A Case Unprecedented

Lara Mattison

This rather silly fairytale was written as a writing assignment for english class. It was supposed to be 'inspired' by a poem we read in class, Yeat's 'Lake Isle of Innisfree' but other than a brief mention of a cottage by a peaceful lake, it's completely unrelated. It has a rather crazy storyline, rather like a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta, because I've been spending much of my time helping out backstage at a local G&S production and I always loved the crazy plot twists. (The title is from the song 'Here is a case unprecedented' in Gilbert & Sullivan's Gondoliers.)

MoTS -- 2

Laura Weber

In an ancient land where magic is commonface, two indebted brothers, a nobleman's son, a talentless priestess, and a mysterious shaman are bound together by a desire to change the past -- and, in that, a journey that defines fate and the strange origins of their world as they know it. Part two of 'Moss on Temple Stone.' The walking around part of the action, love, vengeance, mystery, and magic issues. Heh. Just getting things moving along, in my slow way. Um... what else do I need to add? First draft, as most always, and comments if you've got 'em... heck, comments if you don't got 'em....

Beyond Illusions (Part 2)

Angela Perry

The white bear takes the girl to his castle and gives her a magic silver bell.

Beyond Illusions (Part 1)

Angela Perry

About halfway through rewriting 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears,' the characters let me know that the end of 'Illusions' was not the end of the story. Too many strange, inexplicable things were happening.Luckily (or unluckily, as the case may be), the number of fairy tales featuring bears is rather large. Thus, with a tap of my magic wishing keyboard, Julius Orsini and the erstwhile assassin Aurelia Capelli are reborn into 'East of the Sun, West of the Moon'! (Being a writer is a handy profession for a control freak.)We open part one with a white bear approaching a young girl's family over an issue of guardianship...

Changing Tides

Tina Walls

A story written as an assignment for a writing list. It was required to have moon, moonlight or lunar as a major plot twist, and using Sword and Gem/Gemstone was an extra bonus. I think I accomplished it quite well.