Inhabitability Chapter 2

Christopher Heisserer

A continuation of the Inhabitability book. A few chapters aren't considered 'sci-fi' in the strictest sense, but they certainly are part of the story.

Then There Is Us

Rachel Novit

In the not-so-distant future, a new breed of humans are being developed, thanks to gentetics. Extremely intelligent and capable of mindreading. Keeping them secret is becoming a problem.

Ward of the Watchers

Debbie Palmer

This is a story of Joiya the Elven Druidess. It is based on an AD&D roleplaying adventure when I was still playing Joiya as a character.

Cops and Robots 2: The Signaler's Revenge

David Maxson

The sequel to Cops and Robots, this continues the story of Dave's life. The two stories are closely joined, the end of the first being the beginning of the second.

Mother Kat: Chapter 4

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter four. More of Rob, Sarah and Gary.

Rush part One ~story~

Erica Martin

Hey everyone, thanks for all of your help with 'Rush', as promised, I'm making it longer, I really hope you enjoy these next few chapters. I don't have much planned, so please give me some comments on what you've read so far.

Mother Kat: Chapter 1

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, first chapter. Introducing Mother Kat and her world.

Cyber Sorcerer

Evan Mansker

this is about a man who's caught up in a dream of magic... he's living in a computerized world and mixes the two worlds together, sorcery and cyberworlds...

Control is Lost

Emily Faerber

A story I wrote for Creative Writing (love that class). This is undoubtedly the only type of homework I enjoy doing. Mod's Choice 9/21/03 ^_^

The Fourth: Ch1

Faraz Hussain

My first sci-fi work. The introduction of the main character. (Project currently on haitus). Rated PG (violence).

The Chosen (part one)

Bethan Jones

Have i started the story in the middle? Inevitably yes! This isn't really a serious story its just a bit of fun that i've been writing with my friends. The basic idea is that the six of us are genetic creations with super powers and that we are fighting against the organisation that created us in order to stay alive and stop any other experiments. Other than that there isnt really much of a back story, so just enjoy it!!!

A Galaxy Apart, Prologue

Kyle Arthur

The start of an adventure across several planets to find the source of a mysterious new foe. This is just the prologue to introduce the main characters.

The Chosen (part two)

Bethan Jones

Yes i could just copy and paste what i wrote for part one but i'm not going to, so you'll just have to read that part first to find out what on earth is going on ;) Or if your like me you could just go with the flow and leave a nice comment even if you didnt understand any of it :D


Kyle Arthur

Well here is the second part in my work to keep the timeline flowing. Unfortunately I made some changes and so I'm going to have to rewrite the next chapter too. Heck might as well redo the whole thing, might change the story quite a bit too. I think the part I'm doing now can wait until I've explained the characters a little better. Let me know what you think of the changes made in this chapter. Mainly just the first half or so is different, I didn't change the ending too much. Sorry if its a hassle to go through again.

Inhabitability Chapter 7

Christopher Heisserer

Existential space travel is rarely fun.

Inhabitability Chapter 5

Christopher Heisserer

The plot thickens. Again.

Nature's Revenge Prologue

Damon Sasi

Having some trouble with title... If you have any suggestions please put them in comments. Thanks. This is the first thing I have written that I hope to one day be puclished as a novel. i got the idea for it (cliche but true) in a dream, and it instantly appealed to me. I have always been something of a 'tree-hugger', and do not like the idea that animals were put on earth to be our play things.

The Promise (3/3)

Désirée Dippenaar

Kitty's problems come to some kind of a conclusion... in a way... :P


E. Hanna

This story is set in the late, great Amanda M. Howard's 'Apocalypse Moon' universe and is posted here with her kind permission. I wrote it partly as an homage and partly because its such an awesome story that I wanted (greedily) to be a part of it. Comments encouraged.

The Other Side- Chapter One

Natalie-Jayne Edwards

Nathaniel forces himself to be alone because of a gift he calls a curse, he can see the dead, he is on a mission to find his daughter's soul which was taken from the other side and placed in a clone of her, Nathaniel refuses to accept the legalisation of clones but can he accept his daughter now?