Elizabeth Nitecki

ah, another bit of Gibsonesqu work. This is my firest completed attempt at writing cyberpunk(yeah yeah) I think its cool,

Rush part One ~story~

Erica Martin

Hey everyone, thanks for all of your help with 'Rush', as promised, I'm making it longer, I really hope you enjoy these next few chapters. I don't have much planned, so please give me some comments on what you've read so far.

Ákane's story. Chapter IIX

G. Mol

The ongoing story of Akane Mituyashi, caught in a brutal war.

Never Look Back 1.1

Charles Trowbridge

Here's the first(short) chapter of my first real written story.

Cat and Mouse

Ian Swenson

This will hopefully be a book some day. For the moment, it is a mere fragment of a story. Of course, it's also a pretty good fragment...oh well. It will probably get longer as time passes...maybe. Finally got the format fixed. Well...close enough, anyway. lemme know what you think.

Ghost in the Machine (part 7)

Jonathan Fisher

Please read the earlier segments first - comments welcome

Ghost inthe Machine Part 1

Jonathan Fisher

The tale of how an alien street-kid living as an immigrant on a human world gets mixed up in events that will change the face of their planet.

Angel Cross - Wolves

Lisa Karsai

Chapter 2! yey! I never thought I would do this but since I got mods choice on part one and I had some really nice comments about it i thought I better do more to answer the pestering questions and get all those people hungry for more off my back. Thanks for the support anyways! Vincent isn't back in this one, a few new characters are introduced and it gets a little stranger. I'm not sure what questions it answers, if any, but read and tell me what you think!

Tenth Man Down

Jason Allard

A military police officer with a tortured past works with a Federal agent to protect a young hacker from a murderer.

Chronic 2001

Mark Tappan

I like this, wanted a good computer poem for a while now. I think it's cool, not exactly describe pc's in shining term but still. The title has to do with a project I wil be doing soon.Dylan and I will e writing and drawing a comic strip (link soon, promise!) so I can milk the fools into coming to this site! (B) wahahahaha!!! ... unles their reading this in the future... aww fsck.

2 The Introduction

Aaron Woodul

The sequal to ARRIVAL. Is a story building episode.

Neko's Tail (Pt. 1)

Travis Herring

Another look at what life will be like once Mankind has mastered the Human Genome. This time from a slightly different perspective...

Love At First Sight (Pt. 1)

Travis Herring

Another look, from a different perspective, of life in the biogenetically-altered 2050's.

Last Stand (short story)

Mary Harrison

Here's a story for you. See if you can figure out what happens at the end. ^_^ I apologize for it not making a whole lot of sense. It was really late when I wrote this.

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part 8C

Anne Miller

Mabh has held out, but is it enough?

Cyberwarfare Part Four: Interogation


Part of my Evolution Wars universe, see my other contributions for the other parts! Enjoy!

The Family

Thomas Chittenden

Well its sorta a story, its about how the mafia came to power in alpha_city. So yeah, its another story inspired by Alpha_City. Alpha_City copyright to QuyetPawz


Charles Trowbridge

Here's the other story I found along with the story 'Silence'. This was was another promp peice, which once again reminds me why i dislike promp peices. Here's the list that i found on the top of this page 'cup apple box forked stick archwy water helmit star wing' I remember that writing this was the lonest 90 minutes of schooling i've ever had.

White Noise

Elizabeth Nitecki

this one is short, I might work on it more, maybe not, again its part cyberpunk, part surreal

Rush Introduction ~story~

Erica Martin

Welcome to my favorite story so far. It's on-going and a cyberpunk story. I'm trying to keep the chapters short and sweet and I would love to hear everyones ideas and comments about 'Rush'. Thanks.