Food trouble

S. Aitakangas

Weird as hell, this little gem was sparked into life by one of the crazy conversations I engage in on IRC. Whoever catches the tribute I implanted in the story gets a brownie.

The Birth of Life

Janessa Johansson

This is a poem I wrote long ago..

Cycle of Balance - Chapter 1

Dabao Jia

This is the first chapter of my new story thing. It continues from the prologue. I'm still taking in any suggestions for names and any comments about the story would be nice too!

Dark Cycle I - Oblivion

Pedro Soares

Well... Take this as a building block to another series... Both the end and a new start.

Dark Cycle IV - Mirror

Pedro Soares

A short ending for this series, with another character... The basis for the next series.


Blake Lewis

A story about a young girl braving the Labyrinth to emerge triumphant!


Ruth Steinback

Wandering through Lothlorien and it just kind of started, opened my word processor and here it is.

The New Life

Carrie Baize

The mysteries of life from start to finish with a dark twist...

I win, Yahoo

James Healy

A poem I wrote several years ago about a villian. Each Stanza is a new attempt at world conquest.

The Sundering - Eve of War

Blake Lewis

A prequel, you might say, about the war that leads to the destruction of earth. Currently known in the Netherlands! Keep coming back to check out The Sundering: Part II!

Summer Spirit Cycle

Brittany Sparks

This is more like it! Subtly a pyro maniac and a bit of an ego freak, Summer is one of the best seasons.


AC Bamblett

Freewrite #17 - A short tale of exploration. What's left for the one who becomes trapped in utter nothingness? What holds you together when time has no meaning?

Cycle of Balance - Chapter 4

Dabao Jia

Personally, I think I like chapter 4 more than the other ones so far. I don't know how I made it this long though. O well! Enjoy!

Bricriu and Nemuin

Danielle Agar

This is actually my final paper for last year's Celtic Literature class. It's my attempt at adding to the Ulster Cycle for those of you who really know your ancient Irish literature. :) None of the characters are original although I modified most of them at least a little, but the story is all mine if you ignore the fact that it's a very traditional myth pattern a la Circe. The style is EXTREMELY traditional, so don't berate me on that. It's supposed to be that way. :)

Spring Spirit Cycle

Brittany Sparks

Alas oh Spring, you are so NICE AND BOUNCY! It is kind of annoying really, but that was how the story wrote itself out so I have to bare with it.


Amanda Render

Well...It begins with someone who seems sorta remote in the world...But in some way, he's linked to the greater power which controls us all, the power we would like to believe is there...This is just a preview of what's to come...

Dark Cycle II - Imploding

Pedro Soares

A strange meeting...

Dark Cycle III - Burning Wings

Pedro Soares

The gathering of Shadows. Another creation of self.

The Cruelest Cycle

Lusaka Thorne

This is my masterpiece; it is the one story I am most proud of. What it should reflect in you is something I can't determine, but I can see a little of everyone I have ever met in it. Also it is a nice twist to the creation stories we usually hear.

Cycle of Balance - Chapter 3

Dabao Jia

Hurray! Chapter number 3! This chapter probably isn't good as the other ones mostly because I didn't spend as much time on it. Also, the reason it's this short is because I got lazy and decided to just end the chapter. Tell me if u like it! Also tell me how you like this title (I finally thought up one although I'm not sure if it's good). The Cycle of Balance. Doesn't quite make the most sense but meh.