Going the Distance Chapter 1

D. Flagstone

This is my favorite story....so i won't give anything away~ (And the -kun used in the story is a honorific Japanese word)

Quest for Absolution 00

James Hayward

This is my first attempt at serious writing, currently on its third version. Thanks to all who helped fix the previous ones! It is set 250 years before the rest of the book. Even though I've edited it twice now, don't hesitate to tell me if you spot anything wrong.

Chances (2 of 2)

Julie Gele´

Please read part 1 before part 2. Thank you!

Wordless Agony

Alex Worth

---Another school project--- ...hopefully one day I'll upload something entirely unrelated to school...

An untitled poem about evil or something

Ian C. Sinclair

Well, a while ago, somebody asked me on ICQ who I was, and this is pretty much what came out. That was an unusual day. I'm not sure what possesed me to write it, but in a very complicated way, it's really responsible for my joining the Library. Maybe. Whatever.

Wiglaf, Book I

Jennifer Nelson

This story began as an English writing assignment, this is actually the prequal to the assignment, it isn't finished yet, but I plan on doing that too.

Quest for Absolution 03

James Hayward

In direct contrast to Ch2, this seemed to write itself. Equally, in contrast, it was full of mistakes. It has now been edited severely, so hopefully it's up to standard now. Thanks to all the people who edited the first version!

Modern Messiah: First Prelude

Alexandria Bustion

The first prelude of 'Modern Messiah' begins two years after the meeting of its main characters. In the past two years, they have formed a band, Blood Red Moon, as a means of redemption. But now, another pawn is played in this deadly game. You won't believe who it is.

Modern Messiah: First Movement

Alexandria Bustion

The equivalent of Chapter One. A bit of backstory on two of the main characters.

Dark Resurrection (pt 2)

Ryan Morini

The continuation of the tale of Nakavan. Originally, there was meant to be more, and it was somehow meant to culminate in his raising an army of zombies and fell creatures to raise havoc, launching an even larger work (a trilogy or tetralogy) centering around some heroes who linked up with ancient races and ancient warrior codes and powers to try to fight back against the encroaching unholy menace. I'm not sure if it's better that it ended here, or if it might not have been better to actually have written the whole pulpy story. But this is all there is.


Jennifer Watkins

It's a poem about two lovers, Noameth and Dovriel. Sad....*sniff*

Bone Warrior Chapter 1

Colin M. Agnew

Barbarian youth destined to save the world from total destruction, that old thing

Quest for Absolution 05

James Hayward

My, but this has been a long time coming. Here we have the aftermath of the destruction. Hope you enjoy!

D4: Falling for You

Randell Embs

The Defector hunts a possesed murderer in a haunted house.

E Lexia: Chapter One - The Young One

Sàm Crossley

Unfinished, and will be that way for quite some time, but this is my brain child of the past ten years and I'm finally sitting down to start it. Currently the first chapter is undergoing heavy editing to make it less cryptic and flow better; Anyways, meet Faile and welcome to E Lexia.

Quest for Absolution 01

James Hayward

On to the main story! Forlar is an ex-general, a hero of a recent war, and a channeler. Solan is his arrogant son. Once again, be as critical as humanly (or inhumanly) possible. This is also an edited work, so thanks to all who helped!

Quest for Absolution 02

James Hayward

The next installment, complete with new characters and SFX. This took me ages to write, and has since been edited. Cheers to all who helped edit the first version, and pre-emptive cheers to all who find mistakes in the future!


Oliver Nothers

Changes can incur a manyfold - and in pretty chaotic ways. So as this story changes - will you?

The Darkness Rising

Carolin 'Dragoncat' Southern

Another poem. This one is about armagedon and demon armies destroying the world. I was in an utterly foul mood and took my anger out by writing something dark...