4 Choices

Kiri Simmons

This is 4th story of Larien

Tale of a dead Necromancer

Frank Berendsen

Damien is a young lad who is studying the arts of magic. However, he has no real talent, untill he meets Charna.

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 2

Hillary Kent

Who knows what's up the The Author's sleeve this time?  A surprising creature, a fantastic wizard, and an unfortunate misstep occur while the Fiery Furnace still looms imminently...

tough choice.

Connie Mentira

Another artist's picture, "Make Love, Not War", made this pop up. It was twelve at night, and I was bored.Pleas tell me what's wrong with it at my e-mail, mod...person. :sDamien and Artemis are both mine (you can find Damien on my art account, although it's not very good.), and I'll have his sister Anita up. She likes blue! xD*up,up, and annoy!*

Heritage- Chapter 2

Di Thrice

From one forest to another to realize that you didn't really want to know about that girl that badly...

Ethereal - Verse One

Brandon Halcomb

This is the replacement for Silenced Nightfall. This series is intended to be quite a few episodes shorter and I'm actually having fun writing it. Well, I hope you enjoy it. Others should be on the way soon.


Brady Cline

It begins when they gain their wings, but It can never end.


Grant Ackerman

Something that i decided to write. nowhere near finished though. tell me if you like it!

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 4

Hillary Kent

Behold!  The fourth and final chapter regarding the uninteresting Damien, Sammy the Talking Squirrel, The Wizard, and a Deadly Dragon (otherwise known as D.D.).  To find out which of the deranged characters finally gets tossed into the Fiery Furnace, just read on. 

5 Drunk

Kiri Simmons

This is the fifth story of Larien

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 3

Hillary Kent

And here is part 3, the  marvelous continuation of the Unwanted Adventures of Damien.  In which we encounter; a Deadly Dragon, a damsel in distress, and (finally) the Fiery Furnace.  For more details, read on...

Phonix:Tears of Death

Alexandrine Brodeur

Recca's always been different, she just never knew exactly how different until a strange incident at school. From that moment on she'd become obsessed with finding out about herself, by any means necessary. (lots of chapters :3)

tough choice ch 2

Connie Mentira

So, yeah ,chapter two. I'll explain more about that knife later.No stealing!

A Certain Shade of Green

Crystal Huneycutt

When Vervain meet Damian. Still needs work, like the whole class and party bit needs to go. Reads too D&D. And characters need to renamed, but there it is as it is... so silly! Half-elves are silly. And, yes, 'A Certain Shade of Green' is a great song by Incubus.

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 1

Hillary Kent

Have you ever wondered what your character might think if it knew that it was in a story written for someone's entertainment?  Well, the unfortunate hero of this story does.  And he objects.  Strongly. Updated (to adjust some minor grammar errors) on 6/3/2011

Casual Day

Christine Clarke

This is a humorous story I wrote, mainly to sketch out a rough idea for you guys to see what a 'casual day' would actually be like for Steen and the boys up in the dark palace. And yes, if Jonzie reminds you of a certain Tarrant in a certain C.S. Friedmann's Coldfire Trilogy, then that's good, since Jonzie is, in a way, a caricature of Tarrant. I thought, hey- Tarrant is such a delightfully quirky guy… why not take those quirks and expand on them? After I was finished with the character of Jonzie, however, very little (if any) remained of Tarrant’s original character (which is good, if you think about it). Although Jonzie is actually nothing like Tarrant in character and is thus a unique creation for this story, you have to keep in mind that his underlying fractal pattern was fleshed out as an outlandishly exaggerated caricature (is that redundant?) of the Hunter- you know, kinda like Dark Helmet is to Darth Vader. I guess you can just look at Tarrant as the inspiration of Jonzie. Anyhow, I hope you like it! Note: This sketch was half inspired by playing with LEGOS and half by listening to “Crown of Worms” by Megadeath. It is best not to ask how. PS: I just realized... Famine is also the name of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but do not confuse him with one of the Dogs of War named famine (as both are characters in this story).