Dance ~poem~

Erica Martin

Okay, I guess you have read enough to realize that I normally write about the character being lonely, but this poem is kinda from the other side, what it is like to be the dead one.

Endless Dance

Tiffany Kotasek

This is a very, VERY old poem. Ughhh... I do believe two years ago. I don't even know why I'm putting it on... Dear me...

Going the Distance Chapter 2

D. Flagstone

Yay! Next chapter!

Portrate of Colg

Darin Barnes

Colg doing what he does best.

At the End of Broken Dreams (i)

Désirée Dippenaar

The drunk is taller and broader than him - and he has a knife. He is asking for money which Gion refuses to give. Only one will survive their chance meeting in the streets of a gypsy village - but Gion's survival brings great consequences with it... My entry for Inkwell Artisans Project 2! On the language: The language I used for the gypsies in this story is actually Rumantsch, the fourth national language of Switzerland. Vowels of gypsy words and all names should be pronounced like in German. ('a' like the u in 'mud', 'e' like in 'egg', 'i' like ee, 'u' like oo) Gion is pronounced 'Jon'. The ptarmigan (chapter 2) is an alpine bird, also known as rock grouse. December 2007: some changes made, chapter 2 is now far longer and there's lots more background detail :D

Portrate of Faol

Darin Barnes

Faol dancing.


Al DiBianco

Just a scene that i thought of...

Dragon's Dance

Tina Seitz

I wrote this poem about a year ago while absently watching dragonflies in my backyard.

Song of the Elves

Stephanie Maynard

I'm throughly proud of myself here, I actully managed to write a poem with-out violence, death or any other depressing themes beside the fact that time will always move foward. Even so, my creative juices have stopped flowing to this song. While I did develop a tune for it, the song itself remains unfinished. meh


Gina Nigro

Everything has life, and in this short prose, I try to give it to a simple flickering flame.

The Dance

Heather Nicholson

some dreams just need written, but can't be explained

The Dragon That Dance

Teresa Forden

A poem of a dancing dragon. I wonder what it would look like to see one of them dance...

A Dance on the Night

Manuel Alejandro

This is a small poem, i don't think it's very good, but , hey, who am I to judge

The Elven Dance

Tina Andersen

I've always loved the phenomenon of elf dances; a legend telling of how elf maids danced humans to death. *Evil grin* I wrote this as sort of a RPing thingy... whatever. Yeah, yeah, the third verse sucks. Lemme alone... :)


Charles Trowbridge

This has nothing to do with the rpg nightlife(which is a great game, by the way). It's another not-so-cyber - punk story. What i've been doing alot recently is work on the story elements of cyberpunk. Yeah, hardware is important. In my humble oppionion one of the biggest mistakes cyberpunk authers make is being too dependent on hardware and not enought on wetwear. Cyberpunk is a state of mind, not a state of body. If it was a state of body then comic book cyborgs would be cyberpunk. Having metal in your frame has nothing to do with riding the edge of the dark future. There are plenty of cyberpunks in popular media who dont have a single implant but who are way more part of the genre than your run of the mill cyberninja. Check out the character Leon in 'The Professional' if you dont beleave me.

A Faerie Queen

Jenna Brager

This is a poem about a faerie who falls in love with a human boy

Dancing Away

Emily Teng

The dangers of dancing with a faerie.

Them (poem)

Kelsey Peters

This is a lil poem I wrote while listening to 'The Power Of The Dream' by Celine Dion. In case you hadn't guessed, I do love dancing, and I think it's one of the best ways to express emotion. Other than writing of course ;)

The Dance

Samantha Knapp

This was a really old poem... but people seem to like it, so I'll leave it.

Acorn Child

Laura Watson

Autumn spun frost shimmers and painted leaves. Change howled and danced. Safely cuddled into Mother Earth an Oak baby dreamt. At first the Acorn dreamt of The Fall.