prima ballerina

Nicolas Urban

Who knows what lies deep in the dusty workshops ? People can find wonders, and sometimes... a touch of magic.

Autumn Wind Dancer

The Autumn Wind Dancer's side of the story.See "Scarecrow".9th.


The Scarecrow's side of the story.See "Autumn Wind Dancer".9th.

The Game 1D2

Jessica Cannon

Finding out what lies behind a dragon's siege suddenly reveals itself to be much harder than expected, as this group of rpg-ers find out, when politics and a minor (but un-violent) coup combine. Now with new dragon/virgin joke!

The Dancer

Emily Kirsch

If you've ever read The Red Boots ( I think that's what it's called ) this tale might seem familiar. It draws a bit from that but it was more or less inspired by Anouk Morgan's picture... which is included at the bottom of the story (link provided!)

For Her I Danced

Leigh Erickson

So. This is for Brandi^_^ because she is a wonderful person and wrote me a double sestina and a regular one, and so i thought i'd writer her a double... and because she loves Morn, who is the speaker in italics. This is my first stab at a double sestina, partially to try to break a block, but yeah... it's about Natham who is Autumn and his Keeper, Morn- sort of a guard. Heh...^_~

Double Agent

Kathryn Connor

Kiyassk is a female Tshe slave with bad luck and a quick wit. Yet given her circumstances, she shows extraordinary resilience. But can she keep it through her whole journey?

Moon Dancer

Jenvyr Hope

This is the poem that tells the tale of my RP character, Moon Dancer.

Ghost Dancer

Simi *Muffin Queen*

A ghostly woman will dance forever...and her husband will search for her until the end of time. Two poems that really need to be read together...sad stuff. Partially inspired by The Scottish Widow by J.E. Shannon here on Elfwood.

Chicago's Dragons

Sam Edwards

This is science-fiction set in the year 3005, but I added some fantasy. If you like battles, I hope that this will appeal in to you!

Nightingale 2

Jessica Coles

Second Chapter of Tanza. Critique and comments wanted and welcome x Expaning on the Spires Community and on Tanza's life, but still leaving a bit of mystery i hope x


Tracey Hoard

just a poem that i wrote...while sitting in class, surrounded by a bunch of 'individuals' yeah... at least that is what they call themselves... and who am i to judge??? =)

Tiny Dancer

Tom Shine

Inspired by Elton John's Tiny Dancer. A great song, I strongly recommend reading this while listening to the song. It kinda sets the atmosphere. I tried to kind of make this sad and provocative, so if you enjoyed it, or even if you didn't, let me know. Any song material is copyrighted to Elton John and NOT me.

Elsiana chapters 7-8

Monique Anleu

same story as before, tragedy / teen kinda thing, but now there are guys, oh no what shall we do?!? this part was written pretty recently actually so I like it. It's in these chapters that you first meet the villain of the piece (who is actually my second favorite character and I think will turn out pretty well) again, any and all comments are welcome, as are names

The Game 2D1

Jessica Cannon

Build a Better Mousetrap: One their second trip to the parallel world known only as 'the parallel world', our brave adventurers meet a group of merchants waylaid by slavers. Together, they mount a plan to thwart the slavers which may involved getting along with one another, and many innuendos.

Ember's Book 2 ( Fletian Chronicles): Life With Simon

Lisa Sanders

The second story in Ember's Book. Look into the more intimate details of a young slave girl and her kind master. It's sweet and heartwrenching. (It's recommended that you read the previous stories first... If you haven't yet.)

Chapter II Of Collars, and Bells, and Heathery Hills

Catherine Felt

Far away from the Kingdom where Princess Rayne must indure her trivial worries lies a fascinating village of Purrlin people. Tonight is the very important annual festival of The Women's Initiation. Valtina has a big suprise in store, and her friends Zariel and Alec begin to realize that now they must grow up.

Untitled As Of Yet

Linda Billson

This is my entry for the Inkwell Artisans project that the awesome Lindsay Verde thought up. I'm not sure if I am happy with this yet...I did it in such a rush, and of course I am always worried when I put a story up on here. If anybody thinks of any constructive crits, let me know! And if anybody thinks of a name for this story, let me know! I will be indebted forever.

Wvytern's Project 4 part 1

Segun Williams

Watership Down? Crazy squirrels and giant animals meet a very special boy-man from the University.

The Game 2D3

Jessica Cannon

Some Kind Of Love Song: Can Richard ever stop taking his clothes off, or will Kathrina's magic song force him to rip his skin off ala Robbie Williams? Find out, and find out how he copes knowing the Khan is a lecherous old wo-man, after his booty - Not Kathrina's. What will the others do to save them? Apart from make snide remarks filled with double entendres?