Nicholas & Kieran, Part I

Amanda Fisher

A character of mine, Nick meets up with another character of RC's named Kieran, it is their first encounter and I have spruced it up and it's nice to have friends who let you RP and post the stories that where woven!

An Elven Maiden - Part I

Daniel Warsén

An adventuring party finds themselves stuck in a cursed tower - unable to get out, they advance, deeper into the darkness which will later unveil itself...

Kivad, Chapter 1

Matthew Harvey

The raid that started it all. The Kivad novel is a 'quasi-completed' series of Everquest fanfiction that I have forever put on hold for two reasons. One, the story had no plan... I simply sat down, and wrote without any idea where it was going, which works for some people, but I wound up with a long story without much of a plot. For some stories, it works, but I just didn't feel much was accomplished. The second reason is following a 'dark elf child' through birth (while in this case, it does have the interesting 'half-dark elf' deal) is a concept that was already covered by R.A. Salvatore, and I felt that reguardless on what additional twists I put on this story, the main character would have come out exactly like Drizzt. But anyway, I am working on bigger and better things and will post the Kivad series up for critique and inspection. Heck, who knows, maybe someone will like it. :-)

Kivad, Chapter 2

Matthew Harvey

The following aftermath after the Chapter 1 Raid

Hair of White and Ebon Skin


A tribute to one of my favourite creatures - a dark elf.

Ryce's Journey, Chapter 2

Andrew Euston

The yet unfinished 2nd chapter of Ryce's Journey.

My angel, Poem

Jenni Söderlund

Darwen's poem to Kakyo when everyone think Kakyo's dead, they doesn't know Kain turns him into a vampire ^^;

Kivad Chapter 4

Matthew Harvey

The other humans disapprove of a dark elf baby

Kivad, Chapter 8 (or stand alone, Salia's Mission)

Matthew Harvey

So, what ever happened to the mission Gehlfein paid Salia for in Chapter 3? Well, here is the answer. (Big ups to J.K. Rowling as well... Terri, Roddy and Gwen in this chapters are minor take offs of Harry, Ron and Hermione... I could not resist. heh)

Darken, The half dark elf story

Regina Ratliff

'Four books to guard the gate, Of shadow lands, the Order wait. Fate turns to a syn of one, Hunted by shadows, cursed by none. Seven born of many, untouched by time, Become united with the heart of divine. The heavens weep the human sea, Send the seven to conquer three. On high witness stand they watch with clear eyes, For a moment in forever where darkness lies.' The story of Moreen Darkraven, the half dark elf.

Kivad, Chapter 7

Matthew Harvey

Calin grows to be a rebelious 5 year old... only to find that the world is a cruel place to a half-drow

Wone: Alice pt1

Sam Whittingham

This is part 1 of a story. A young dark elf noble is kidnapped by her one of her father's rivals. This part is told from her point of view as she is picked up and taken before her captor.Note: the Dark Elves in this are not Drow. They are not always evil, whilst one family will attack another if it thinks it has something to gain, families generally do not fight amongst themselves, they will work with others etc.

The Bard's Tongue

Debbi Corvyd

Hey look, I wrote a story almost without cursing. I hope it makes it past the filters. Anyway, this is a Winterkeep story, taking place in the elven tree-city Rayeth, about seven months or so after Gwenthallian and Indressen return from the original campaign. Terlaen isn't born yet. I like this story. :)

Ryce’s Journey: Ch. 1

Andrew Euston

This is an offshoot of the story This Thing Called Life. It is about the Dark Elf, Ryce, who has his life changed by Vincent, the main character of This Thing Called Life. It can, however, be read independently of that story. I am currently working on the rest of this story. I hope to finish the next chapter within the month.

A Lesson

Mia McCauley

A peek into one of the lessons Vert gave Aslanna in the years of companionship that followed the events in The Mark.


Teresa Vogtman

I used to have a three part story up here about Eldezar D'Mazra. You may have noticed that it is gone. I decided to rework the whole thing because, frankly, my writing style at that time did not do teh characters nor the scenery justice. So, I present to you: The prologue and first chapter of Eldezar's tale. As always, feel free to leave a comment and if you want to draw something from this story, drop me an email or message me at Elftown.


Melina Baldwin

Chapter one to the 'Sorrow Song' series. Chapter two to come soon. (Story based on EverQuest)

Kivad, Chapter 6

Matthew Harvey

A new face for a remade person

Kivad Chapter 3

Matthew Harvey

Now, we focus back on Gehlfein... how's everyone favorite villian been doing?

A Date With Darkness - Chapter 1

Ben Goldberg

Part 1 of a hopefully good-length series about love, magic, betrayal, and an all-around good romp through a dungeon. Please read the prolouge first!