* Scratching Amber (for Brandi)


If anyone was wondering why, exactly, Millace is such a sarcastic jerk when he meets Securen, (no, believe it or not, it's not genetic), this is the beginning of the answer. If anyone has no idea who Millace is, I suppose it doesn't matter much. This, is for my friend Brandi, and excelent writer in her own right who has a fondness for Millace that matches even my own.Post Scriptum: Clan of the Owl, the tale in which Securen and Millace appear, is currently down for repairs. I am leaving this up because I consider it interesting in its own right, if depressing.

The Other Side- Chapter One

Natalie-Jayne Edwards

Nathaniel forces himself to be alone because of a gift he calls a curse, he can see the dead, he is on a mission to find his daughter's soul which was taken from the other side and placed in a clone of her, Nathaniel refuses to accept the legalisation of clones but can he accept his daughter now?

chapter 15

Opal Parkison

Alvarien comes back to her father (Moradh) and a happy reuinion ensues... blah blah blah.

Ainne 2

Gabs Béland

Second chapter...a better description will be added when it is not late at night and I am not exhausted, sorry. Enjoy.

Queen's Chant

Annie Jessan

This chant will become somewhat important my novel. In the story it is used both as a greeting, but its major use is as a way for the Domina's (old and new) to recognize each other.

Daughter of Tamoria - Prologue (OLD)

Annie Jessan

Okay, after reading all your comments, I have made a few changes, and here is the result. Hope your happy with it, because I sure am. NEW: This story has officialy been downgraded to the OLD status, meaning, it is no longer an official part of the novel.

Daughter of Tamoria - Chapter 1

Annie Jessan

After innumerable rewrites, I have finally found a starting chapter of Daughter of Tamoria that I am happy with. I feel that this really captures the feelings that I wanted to portray. And thanks to my little circle of friends in my area, one of whom has a twin sister, I can say that this is one of my best works to date. I hope you enjoy it, and the more comments I get, the more motivated I'll be to write the next chapter. Enjoy!

I Know the Way Home

Natalia Kostylev

I wrote this in my LiveJournal in the middle of the night several months ago. I don't really know where it came from, but I've become rather fond of it. It's more like a vignette than a story, but whatever. I prefer vignettes I guess, because they're more in the moment and they don't move from that moment. Anyway, the quote at the beginning is what inspired it... the guy was going to be a samurai specifically in the beginning, but as I realized I didn't really know much about samurais, I decided to stay vague to avoid insulting the samurai tradition with my ignorance.

Evanescence, Chapter One

M. Welsh

Chapter one...

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter- Chapter Three

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

After the destruction of her village Em manages to escape but has she plunged herself into worse danger than before?

Black Sparrows Chapter 2

Megan Farmer

Shaken by the events of his quirky dream, Frandowyn learns that there is a price to pay for falling in love.

A Letter For Daddy

Emily Karnes

One of my rare forays into science fiction. A wealthy businessman receives a peek into his daughter's future and into his own.

The Bamboo People

Stephanie Law


Erin Washburn

This is the story of love at its height. Whether you beleive in a god, in many gods, or in the demons, or nothing at all, I think you will find this story interesting.

Elvin Prophecy

Teresa Dreisbach

Her blood has the power of good or evil. But can one bite destroy the world she lives in or save it from an evil vampire lord and his minions?

The beheading

Frances Gibbs

An account of a dream I beheld on 22/03/2002. Although it has been spruced up a little, all of the actual events are what I dreamt. enjoy! :)

Desert Rose - Ch II

Lindsay Verde

The PendantFor Epona, the gypsy life is all she has ever known. She has always known that she was different, but could never extract her story from anyone. On one fateful summer morning, under the burning desert sun, she is about to get her wish. Nov '07 - minor editing of grammar. (Still needing a complete overhaul)2012 Project Status: On hold until Dragon Mistress is complete. 


If you have a weak stomach or recently ate something, I advise you not read this. The idea of this came to my mind while I was swinging in the dark above snow-covered ground one night.9th

I Was Always There

Rebecca Mosher

This is a letter from a mother condemned to die fro witchcraft, to her child.

The Scapegoat's Daughter

Che Joseph Monro

A fairy tale about sins and children and kings and daughters and things like that.