Book 1: Chapter 1 'Capture'

L. Davids

This is a work in progress.. It's a modern fantasy about a family of alien draconic hybrids.


Carolin 'Dragoncat' Southern

A poem on fay. I got bored, so I wrote it in about 5 mins and decided it was OK, but not that good.

Death Day

Amanda Ellis

I haven't updated this site for quite some time and I've started taking a writing class. This is the first composition I did for it, and I'm pretty proud of myself. It's experimental, and short (it had to be less than 500 words), but I hope you like it!

Judgement Day

Rachel Karp

This one was inspired by a dream. Don't ask. I have odd dreams. I like it, so why don't you comment and tell me what you like/hate about it, so I can change it? Thanks.

I Sit and Cry

Rhonda Jezek

Inspired by this beautiful silver ring I have with peaches and leaves and the moon on it. Also inspired by the rather earth-shattering thought that my body is capable of bearing children. Can you believe that? In my body! A teeny tiny thing that looks like a fish.. And not just me, every woman on the planet! Isn't that strange?

Two Souls Collide 4

Jessica Johnson

This chapter is the Oh no! type chapter. It might not be as good as the others, because I was half asleep when I wrote it.

The Prophecy

Kathryn Aliwoode

A litle poem to while away the hours

Night to Day

Stephanie Schauer

A poem I scribbled out when I considered joining Elfwood

A Night In The Life Of

Karen Stevens

This is a short introduction piece about a couple of characters I'm writing about in a 'dark world' series with vampires, weres and so on. They work as monster hunters for the Non-Human council. All comments/constructive criticism welcome!

Games On a Summer Afternoon

Shuo Chen

Innocent play, or something more sinister?

Wishing Well

M. Dahlgren

Be careful what you wish for: because if it will bring you misery, the universe will choose that one to grant. Ahem, a wee pesimistic I suppose. Friends don't let friends make crazy wishes in the proximity of wishing wells. Here's what happens when you wish to live forever.


Carrie Ott

This is my entry in the Elfwood Valentine's Day contest. First, about the story. If you couldn't gather, a mermaid and a dragon have fallen in love with each other, but obviously this relationship is impossible (not only because of their different breeds but because the mermaid is fatally poisoned by her contaminated water). Red tide, a large scale infection of the water by a special breed of plankton, has caused her sickness (heh, science class...). So, as she is dying, her dragon love lifts her to his back and takes flight, carrying her alongside the seagulls that she has watched from beneath the water every day. With him (riding on his back) where she finds the most comfort, she dies. And yes, "yester" is a word (the Middle English form of "yesterday").On the form - holy cow, sonnets are sooo hard to write! Ahem, all this info I'm about to give is for the poetry geeks who want to make sure that I really did write this in sonnet form correctly. This is a Shakespearean (English) sonnet. I didn't want to write a common AABBCCDD rhyme scheme poem, so I managed to get a sonnet out. Now, after doing much research to make sure that I knew the form of a sonnet, this sonnet has been written in the traditional English sonnet rhyme scheme, ABABCDCDEFEFGG, the last two (GG) being a heroic couplet. While most sonnets are written in iambic pentameter, they are not required to be (citing Dr. Axelridge). Therefore, my sonnet is written in iambic tetrameter, with an occasional trochee in there, bringing the syllable count of every line to ten. Heh, sorry to get all technical. :D Your future English major (I hope...) :)If you can't pick out the rhyme scheme, here it is - waited-fated, tore-core, frail-trail, smut-but, slowed-road, her-were, ride-died.Hope you enjoy!

Destiny Falls / Chapter 2

Heather 'Ambrosheia'King

(UNFISNIHED) I still have yet to write more of this one...but this is all i have so in a nice writters block period

Will Evil Prevail? Chapter 2

Kristy 'Saru' J. Plotkin

Sheri finds out Johann has the same power, Waneta changes shape, Sheri plans to lead Crescent Day ceremony

The Letters

Crissy Moss

A prinsess fleeing her kingdom writes to her beloved who was left behind. In his return letters she finds strength. This is the letters they shared until her return.

Merinov Saga: I - Dark Day

Andrew Corner

This is the story of the first in the line of the Merinov Family, Andrakos. It was an attempt to bring a background to the character all the events that are described in the story have origins in gameplay. This story also helps introduce the next character, Alzos, after the first one's untimely death. I'd love any and all comments to help improve this, and all my stories.

The Crash

Karin Edman

I moved back to very very beginning of the vampire story I'm writing in Day Divides the Night.

The Peoples of the Day (poem)

Ellen Jurik

Errr... this poem is just kindof going on about how animals are people and people are animals etc etc... I dunno. Hard to explain. My friend once said it had a 'fantasy feel' to it, but it isn't exactly high fantasy, but... well... whatever. Tell me what you think.

From Night to Day

Sophia Rose Dique

This peom was originally intended to be a sequel to An Angel Broken, but when I re-read through the Angel one, I realise having a sequel wrecked the whole image I had built up. So, when my brother suggested the idea of night and day and how they are continuously repeating, I took that idea. It fitted very well, I think. I'm not sure if I can forgive myself for rhyming 'high' and 'sky' though.

21st Century Psychic

Arielle Bennett

The towers have fallen. The world is changed. Humans have changed. Humans will continue to change. It cannot be undone...though there are some that wish it so...