Ringwe Elenea

Elena Oorebeek

Another night creature poem...I wrote this when we got out first big snow of the year, on Dec.2. I don't know if this one is as good as the other tho'... title means 'Cold Stars'

Deadly Eclipse Prologue


This is the prologue to the first part of a long tale detailing the war fought between the elves and hobgoblins on Arlos. The first volume explains the beginning of the war, starting with the assassination of the elven king and the struggles of his son and his kingdom to overcome hardship and survive the first months of the war. This prologue also includes the dramatis personae for the entire first volume.

The Greed-Stone

Patrick Assassin' Dronne

What would happen if the seven deadly sins were contained in stones that could then exert their power upon those around them?

The Gods' Warriors

K. Saum

This is a mean little poem that brings home what happens in my book when you push sacrilege too far. The gods will only be pushed to a certain point and when they've reached it, they deploy the creatured discussed in this short piece.

Deady Eclipse: Chapters 1 & 2


This is the continuation of the story began in Deadly Eclipse: Prologue. It follows the continuing struggle of Talaron Myrwynd and the elven kingdom of Talmyrend as it copes with oncoming war. This is V 1.01 of this story, as some inconsitencies were removed to make the story smoother and better.

The Fight

Stephanie Rice

This is the first fight scene I ever wrote. I had a lot of fun with it. I don't mention it, but Luadre is actually an elf. I will probably mix these two characters in with the larger story I am trying to write.

Seven Deadly Poems

Sephie Boisvert

The Seven Deadly Sins represent the demonic council that reigns over Hell. I rather like these, even though I'm hopeless when it comes to writing good poetry...

Warning, Love can be Deadly

Ben Ward

Just a little story I wrote about a vampire girl who is determined to get the object of her desires. All creatures no matter how nightmareish can fall in love.

Price for a prince: Part 2

Elizabeth Stanger

Read the desription thingy of the first story.

Deadly Embrace

Dorian Yarbrough

This is a poem I wrote whilst doing my homework one night... I wasn't in a dark mood, just bored with Algebra.

Deadly Eclipse: Chapters 3 & 4


Here's the next installment of the continuing saga of Talaron Myrwynd. Enjoy.

Deadly Eclipse - Chapters 11,12,13


The ongoing story, as continued from previous chapters, of whomever I'm writing about. You may look at this and say, 'Hey! Chapter 12 looks awfully familiar.' That's because it used to be Chapter 10. What about Chapter 10, then? Well, I'm working on it. When I've finished that problem, the Chapter 8,9,10 that I currently have up will be replaced.

Dark LordAdoring *

Lyndsay Gilbert aka Liadan

Poem from a Vampyre courtesan to her necromancer owner.

Son of Future Memory

Melissa Cartwright

A squire on the verge of knighthood, fights with dark powers but on the side of good. If his secret gets out-to either his friends or enemies- he would face torture and death. Now he must use his unique powers to carry yet aother deadly secret or the only one he loves will share his fate.

An End of Magic

Nicole Russo

A small tale of the final day of Magic on earth.

Slippery Blades, CH 2

Carmel Shachar

The next chapter... here's where we get the third, and last main character. Kind of racy, so kids if you can't handle that kind of stuff, stay away!


Laura Wilson

A very short poem I just whipped up one day when I was bored. I ran out of things to say about dragons so if you have any ideas I would be grateful!

The continuing adventures of the Delusional Wonder

Jennifer Meadows

Just a weird idea I had.


Lewis King

Silent deadly is the assassin as they perform their task. This didn't turn out as intended, but I must admit that I do like it.

Queen of Wrath -- Chapter 1

Tor Linvell

Okay guys, this is to my next book :) after "The Emperor" this is the story of the character Iren Braginski/Braginskaya.I hope you guys like, because i will be posting hte link to the orignal story :) The link to the Emperor can be found and purchased here:www.amazon.com/The-Emperor-Volume-Tor-Linvell/dp/1470127547/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1332971283&sr=8-1 This book can also be found on Kindle on the next link:http://www.amazon.com/The-Emperor-Liebling-Diaries-ebook/dp/B008C3DKE0/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1339899604&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Emperor+Tor+Linvell