Chapter one - Cruel fate

Ashley Bruce

This is the very first chapter in a story which I have been trying to write for ages. I still not completely happy with it but I think this is the best version. I havn't quite decided on the story's name, I was think along the lines of 'A darkened heart' but I don't know! Any suggestions whould be gladly appreciated = o)

Chapter two - A stranger's hand

Ashley Bruce

This is the second chapter of my very long story which still isn't finished. There are probably quite a few typos... woops. I apologise for that now.

DF Chapter 3: Cross-Roads

Sallie Attaway

Third chapter, not much except my group breaking up, but don't worry they shall meet again. And tell me who your fave character is, I would LOVE to know!!

Burning Rage II

daniel baumann

the second part of the 'Burnin Hate' series, i'm not sure if there will be a third one, but maybe...

Virgin Bride

Jacquie Wilson

A Demon claiming his bride.

Dawn of Darkness

Craig von Dull

See Prologue

Inner Strength part 1

Evan Penn

This is the first installment in my 3 part short story collection. It's about three young people you have powers that correspond to the three essences of life: The mind, Body, and Soul. If you haven't noticed, the boy in it is the embodiment of the Mind. I'm still not quite sure what to call him, or the girl from my second installment....thanx!

A Dark Day Indeed

Erin McDonald

Fate and love. Death and sorrow. An undescribable story really. A young orphen meets his destiny.


R.E. Canepa

Mmm... happy thoughts... This came to me whilst driving. Yes they let me drive >:)

I Pray

Sadaf Niaz

This a lyric type poem that kinda came to me. I was watching Dogma... I guess that explains the fallen angel thing. Please read and review. I might revise this and add more verses.

Dawn of Darkness Prologue part II

Craig von Dull

see other


Oana Taylor

From pure white to pure black...but black is never pure.

Chapter 1

Craig Whittock

The first chapter of a story that I will write more of soon

Angel Cross - Lost

Lisa Karsai

Chapter eight (One of part two) I'm not too sure about the about the chapter name, or the point of this chapter either, I suppose it's to fill in a gap between the last one and the next one (which is kick arse apprently) Oh well, you're stuck with Deamon for a while after Angela did her nice little cliff hanger in the last chapter. You may even find out what happened to her eventually, but not yet... Not yet. Enjoy and comments more than welcome as usual!


Jessica Frizzell

My muse attacked me in the middle of Japanese class. Very violently in fact. Sent me scuttling for a notebook. Here's the result

ANGEL - part 2

R.E. Canepa

part 2 of ANGEL. yep

ANGEL - part 1

R.E. Canepa

Part one of the only longish short story i have managed to finish.I've finaly managed to get it to a point where i'm satisfied with it.

The Final Battle

aksig SMc

The final battle between a woman and the unknown evil that has been destroying her world....still in the working, yes it needs a rewrite or 2..or 3...

Sera...don't worry...

Panya Raine' Smithe

I know it is a little long... I'm trying to figure out where chapters would fit in... Describe it... well, it is mostly about a half-breed angel... yeah, that sums it up... Fan Pics Cristina Ciarula

'A Vampire's Tale' Chapter 2

Heather Hutcheson

chapter 2 of this epic story of a man who awoke as a vampire, not knowing what had happened nor his past life. He struggles to find out of hte past, but ends up getting more than he barganed for.