Denizens of the Deep.

Clive Snowdon

A poem from an outsiders view, about Dwarves. Hack and slay, they toil away...

The Sorrowful Piper

Brett Kirkpatrick

This little bit I like to call the Sorrowful piper because of what it's basically about. This is just a little article-type thing I wrote. I usually write these when I'm depressed, and they're all different. This one is just my favorite. They're not really fantasy, but it's 'Written by' a made up character of mine. So, um... enjoy. Yeah.


Keith Chamley

A poem about time and her mysteries I hope you like it even though i wrote it in a rush (again i'd like to ask everybody who reads this to comment no matter what your going to say even if your just want to say 'I read your poem')

the fiary ball

tracey taylor

magical poem

Red Sands Run Deep - Chapter 1

Marijan Sruk

It is a story of futuristic world in which humanity lost its way and will to live. All comments are welcome.

In Deep Kelp

Ashley Wynn

This is part of my first-ever art trade. :D Based on a picture by Kristina 'Aryana' Weiss. 'Trapped!'

Journey To Them Below

Jennifer Watkins

This is about merpeople. Sorry to spoil the surprise, but I was afraid that elfwood wouldn't except it!

Blood Lily

addrie dannei

A Poem I Wrote in High School to Describe how Society was Making me Feel.


Laura Chase

It took me a while to get this one to come out. It started as some phrases that came to me, and I just took it from there.

Wasteland of Eden (poem)

Bianca Tangermann

Another poem written semi-consciously after one of those brooding, dreamy morning moods. For the past year I've been fascinated with the *really* deep areas of the sea which they have only been investigating for a few years. When you go down there, it's like a journey through space and time on your very own planet, and the creatures you encounter look as if from another world alltogether. (What I called 'Eve's snake' in this poem is a pelican eel. Check those out) With this poem I've tried to capture what I think it must feel like to descent down there, to feel on the one hand the peaceful serenity of the sea, but also the terrifying void at this depth. I think it worked out well.

Chasing Shadows - Chapter One - Hunting Fears

Bianca Tangermann

The first chapter - what the prologue ultimately led into. I am really satisfied with how this one turned out, especially the ending. Stay tuned for the next chapter, although I have no clue when it'll announce itself


Michelle Lackey

This is literally an experiment. Depending on the response it gets, I don't know if I will write much more on it. The little blurb at the beginning explains the whole basis of the story and 'The Steed' is written as either a first chapter or a lead-in. Can't wait for your comments!

Charger pt. 2

Michelle Lackey

Well, needless to say, the first part of Charger was an absolute hit. My only regret: setting the bar so high. I mean, heck, that first part is pretty good... now I just gotta keep it up... Anyway, enough ranting. Getting a little deeper here with the addition of one new character who, yes, is a bit stuck up - but he makes great comic relief. Little side note - I can't make up my mind if Kigarra Suphe should be in italics or not so if it just randomly changes, don't worry about it. What else...? Oh, they refer to the 'lana-tayla' in this part. They are referring to a position that someone holds, you know, a position of importance among Charger's people. So, the golden woman's name isn't 'lana-tayla' but she is. Kind of like Lincoln being pressy but his name being Abraham. As for what she does exactly... well, she isn't a president and that's part of the mystery. (No, you gutter brains out there, she doesn't blow people apart or anything gory like that.)

Golden Promise

Dabao Jia

Yay! This is my bestest most favourest story so far! ^.^ And I submitted it on my birthday too! ^_^ Check it out, you might like it! I can't tell you any more than that cuz then I'd ruine it for u ppl. Thx for coming to my page! Hmm, I put this story in the 'High Fantasy category, but do you think I shuda put it in Mystic instead?

In the deeps of the darkness

William Sun' Baker

This is a poem I know that everyone might like...yes I notice the errors in it but have not been able to get around to changing them.

Story 26: Inroduction

Ivy McKnight

I do not conform to any written rules about how long a chapter should be, or what exactly an introduction is. So live with it. This is the beginning of Story 26, but you don't need to read this part to understand the rest of the story.