The Dog Kissed Her

Erin Fiddler' Anderson

A random, very brief, musing evolved from a strange phrase that popped into my head and wouldn't go away: the dog kissed her. Here's one 'interpretation.'

Shining Full Clear

Brien Miller

This is the submission version of Chapter 1 of Shining Full Clear. Thanks to many Elfwood readers who commented on the earlier version. This rewrite reflects many of your comments. The proposed cover is on display in Tracy Butler's art section here at Elfwood. Shining Full Clear is a serious anthropomorphic fantasy about a man who finds himself magically transported to a world populated by people in animal forms. With little more than his sword and the armor he has been given, he finds himself cast into the world as knight of the horse peoples unware of the destiny intended for him and the trials of body and mind that await. But dire events are already in motion and the fate of this worlds peoples now lie in the hands of a bewildered stranger.

Shining Full Clear

Brien Miller

This is the second chapter of the novel Shining Full Clear. The third editorial revision is nearly finished. This version incorporates many comments from the Elfwood community. Many thanks to all who made suggestions, both here and in private emails. Further comments are welcome and invited. The proposed cover is on display in Tracy Butler's art section here at Elfwood.

The Reinstag - Prologue

Minx Nindyn

How it all started. Edited on a seperate computer, so i hope i got everything. In which a small girl finds a friend in the most feral places of the world at an unexpected time.

The Hunter

Christina Stayton

A story that came from an idea I'd had during a math class. It's the first short story I've been able to write and finish in a very long time.

The Reinstag - Chapter One

Minx Nindyn

Hopefully ive worked out all the bugs. Much thanks to Luciana Malfoy for editing it for me. In which Suryu, the bird amongst the hunters, finds herself heading home once again to painful memories of a once carefree childhood.


Che Joseph Monro

(Illustration by the Author) Fawn was a doe, a slave, and a refugee...

Heart of Destiny Chapter 2

Alura Raetz

Part two of my story. In this chapter, I intoduce the two other main characters, one based on my best friend, Mir, and another on her boyfriend. The last of the four main characters comes next chapter. I hope you like it.

Hunter's Kiss

Erin Coats

Yes, this was taken from another Rasputina song BUT the feelings behind it are real...

Academy Chronicles Ch.4

H. Coyne

The girls finally begin their journey away from the Academy, and the history of the Poison- Eaters is alluded to.

Holes: Chapter Two- Beyond the Looking Glass

Nicolette Briggs

The fateful meeting takes place- Astarte's life is changed.

The History of the Forest

Noora Peura

The Forest is a setting I made for a game that I never finished. It has since then evolved and changed, and I've been trying to find uses for it. Then I created the Ancient Forest at the Elftown Wiki, to be used as a free-form role-playing environment. This is a modified version of the History of the Forest that I told the adventurers in the Ancient Forest.

Deer of Doom

T Bertram

Smargorf the Dragon makes another attempt to hunt deer, which as usual ends in complete humiliation. Flix is a copyright of S Boxer and Smargorf is my own personal dragon.

The Legend of the White Hart (NEW POEM)

Tansy H. Pye

James Bowers in his infinite wisdow has set up a little writers circle this was the first project he set. The project was to write a poem using the words Aim Boon Decy and Wise. This was what I came up with.

The Life Of A Wolf

kris black

I feel the breath rush into my lungs for the first time. I smell my mother's coat for the first time. I flutter my eyelids for the first time. All in about two seconds. I stretch my limbs and yawn. I writh and slide between my siblings, hoping for a feeding. I nuzzle my way into my mother, latching on. As I am feeding, my eyelids start drooping. I silently fall asleep.

Fawn (Part 2)

Che Joseph Monro

The continued adventures of Fawn, a woman of the deer people. (Illustration by the Author)

The Wizard and the Deer


A short story originally written on Twitter.

Sisters of the Wind

Elizabeth Steen

This, like ~Beyond~, was written during my short bike ride. This time I listened to Native American meditation music that my cyber-mom sent me. She had asked me before we met to listen to a particular song and to tell her if the language seemed familiar at all. The beat sure did. So I rode up to the bay, it was quiet...a shocker, and I slipped my sandals off, took out my notebook and sat down on the dock, my feet dangling, where they feel right at home. I missed being able to do that. Anyway, I was listening to the song and my feet just took on a life of their own, were they not in the water they might have been dancing and singing with the music, that is in a Native American tongue. This peace settled over me and a brief happiness bubbled up in my heart and I soared with hawk and I ran with deer and I sang with sparrow.

Murder of the Beast

Tina Andersen

A little thing on the title, first off. It's *not* supposed to read as murdering of the beast. It's the beast that murders something else; get it? Good. Now, on a little side note, this was translated from Danish like the Hero's Lot, but unlike the Hero's Lot, it actually sounds better in the original version. It's one of my very first poems, one which I hold very dear, and 'A Mourning Song' remains my favourite to this day (again, the Danish version). So please, be kind to my baby... :)

Shaman Inheritance

Christopher Bennett

First chapter to a novel I'm writing taking place in the 1800's. A small town stumbles into an ancient curse that revives the dead.