The Unfinished Swordling Journal

Jenna Anderson

I dug through some old stuff I'd written and found this... And after I looked over it I decided to post it up here. Enjoy, and if there are any typoes, please tell me.

Ultimate Defeat, Chapter 1

Stuart Ferguson

This is the first chapter of my depiction of the worst loser I can possibly imagine.

3 AM

James Healy

A poem about a man being persued by werewolves.

The Siege

Rachel Armstrong

This is really the only attempt I've ever made at fantasy-style poetry. (I've written a LOT of poems, but most of them wouldn't exactly belong in the Wyvern's Library . . .) I know it isn't all that great--probably because rhyming is NOT my strong suit (all hail free verse!)--but I've always loved this for some bizarre reason. One of those 'pet poems' or something. ^_- The rhyme scheme is inspired by The Highwayman.

Old Man's Glory

Peder Palmstierna

This tale was born when, on another site long ago, I was being slandered by someone who seemed to have a grudge with me. He (or she) made stories in which I (or, rather, my alter ego at the site) was part of the cast... not entirely to my advantage. This was my little revenge.

Empire: Chapter I: Times of Change

Siegfried Baumann

Now, I know this looks very long, but even if you don't read the entire thing, I'd appreciate some comments. This the first chapter of a new idea I've had for a novel, and I'd really like to know what people think. I've got put up a hasty map, but it still incomplete in some places. So please leave some comments and tell me where to imrove. The idea for the story is basically like a medieval version of the Cold War, where two huge empires are engaged in a struggle for world domination, but both fear what will happen if they ever come to open war. So their battles are fought with pawns and innocents are caught in between.

Danmeloc - Eyes of Three - Chapter 13

John Meyer

Chapter 13 of my book. one of my favorite becuase it centers on the crippled winged elf. 

Sun vs Moon pt 2

H. Peirce

This is part two. The sun returns, he overtakes the moon to bring daylight. I like how it rhymes ^-^

Go Beyond

Ari Bethel Bell

Sorta, kinda about life and being held down, I wrote this last year, while in foster care...yes, a poem...

Defeat of the Hippocampus

Kim Baerwaldt

This poem is about the defeat of a Hippocampus.

The Battle-Alandra-The Begining

Brady Barros Feltch

This is a story i made up on the fly. Im going to add the perspectives of others and then make back stories and sequels going both ways on the timeline but here is just where im starting.

Ultimate Defeat - Chapter 3

Stuart Ferguson

This is the third chapter of my depiction of the worst loser I can imagine.

Licking Wounds

Erin Bankhead

The disheartened revolutionaries return to the safety of the underground cavern and discuss what to do after the failed raid.

Fall of the Tyrant King

Melissa Jensen

This is more of a song than a poem, from my story Amrin the Dreamer. Lord Dri was a wizard who could take dragon form, but died in killing the tyrant king. Though a song about war, the tune is lively. Something about Tyrant kings being destroyed tends to make people happy.

a paladin's heart chap. 1

chris sedillo

Tales Of Barbod- Chapter 1- The Kingdom Of War

Brian Gibbons

Chapter one of the Tales of Barbod. Barbod, the bull prince, is at war with the Black Falcons.

Ultimate Defeat - Chapter 2

Stuart Ferguson

The second chapter of my depiction of the greatest loser I can imagine

Ultimate Defeat - Chapter 4

Stuart Ferguson

This is the final chapter of my depiction of the greatest loser I can imagine.

The Epic Beginning

Amanda Hopkins

This poem is somewhat of a prequal to this odd story I'm working on. This is not my best piece, but a rather sad attempt at rhymes. I'm not sure who's speaking yet. Feel free to leave comments, ideas, and/or suggestions at the bottom.

Whither Do The Heroes Go?

Jason Romein

A poem I wrote, inspired by D&D. I tried for a mix of thoughtfulness, rhyme, and rhythym, and I think it worked fairly well.