Amy Downum

A horror of religious nature and such. Also a practice in symbolism centering around religious themes. Notice the Seven Deadly Sins? Happy Halloween everyone! :D

Child of Eidolon. Chapter 1 - Rescue

Isabelle L Davis

Following on from 'Unforgiven'. It may help to have read that first but it's not essential. The Daemonslayers come to the rescue of a stricken hunting party under attack by evil Shadow Rider demons. But their good deed drags them into more than they expected...


Jean Boree

Just another poem, for another wicked demonic lady! (This is in need of lots of work, but erm I thought I'd go ahead and share with you what I've gotten so far:)

Wulfled Part 4 of 4

Jarrett Brown

Again not going to ruin the story if you made it this far, its not like its that creative anyway :P Just me having fun. And uh, this is the longest by far. . . sorry. . . sort of. Its like 2.5 times as long as all the others so have fun!

Narush'kai Chapter 3

Sharon Black

So it's been a while, but we left Naru meeting up with a great group of angels who, politely put, can kick her butt.

Narush'kai Chapter 5

Sharon Black

Now in New Orleans, the Knights and Naru meet up with one of Naru's old friends and end up in a strange part of town...

The Shadows of Xavier

Nicolei Arnold

Most everyone believes that they are protected by a guardian angel, but it's different when it comes to this man. Xavier has six shadows that guard his life with tooth and nail.

Torn - Chapter 3

Nina Roussakova

This is chapter three. It's pretty much just another day...although a lot of things happen...again. Here you will get to know Shae Torin and Dyn better.

Demon War - Chapter Six

Judith Mayr

Well, they arrived in Northa. Time to meet the High Council.....

Dream a Demon

Brittany Zayas

A weird little bit of a story I wrote a year or two ago. I'm not sure if it was meant to be the beginning of an actual longer story or what. I'm not sure if I'll ever continue it (I'm not sure what else should happen), but it does end without an explanation so maybe there should be more.... I'm not sure how I thought of it or why. It's mostly completely random.

The Circle and the Dance Chapter 2

Angela Sasser

Hathor and Andvari, two wandering mercenaries, find themselves intangled in a web of fate deeper than they ever thought their lives would provide. But as death in the guise of a demon threatens their souls..will the mysteries to their buried pasts save them?

Dream of the Garden

Angela Sasser

An angel begins a journey that will forever change my life. Inspired by a dream once upon a night.

And I Walked...

Brad Sewell

A story of a young man who is forced into the deepest recesses of his soul.

Pools Of Blood

Lain Sakuraba

A story started for my love of Vampyr lore, a story of a new Vampyr searching for love whilst he rules over the dead.

Good Always Wins

Renae DuHaime

A short limerick about a demon who tries to assasinate his angelic sons.

What Dreams are Made of Prt II

Brittany Sparks

Second chapter of What Dreams are Made of, for even though no one has replied to the first one, I feel like adding it!


Harriett Randall

Introduction into/excerpt from the role-playing world of BethicaThe love story between an Orcan king and his dragon bride turns tragic when his paranoia splits the family and leads to murder.

A Private War

Cheryl Scott

I'm sharing some really old things here.  This one is based on a real event, fictionalized of course.  Wrote it back in the 90s.  I was still looking for my own style. 

Shraan: Genysis - Final Reckoning

Sam Read

This is the final section of the last chapter from the Shraan Genysis book (soon to be finalised). Shraan is under chaos as an evil mastermind, Hentrepis, and a massive rebellion has erupted against the once great Besilon Empire

Untitled - Chapter Unknown

Michael Bell

This is an unfinished, unlabelled chapter of my untitled mystic horror fantasy novel. Ezurate, Reth, and Farah each set out from camp to a village where Fara'hs father is, but an unexpected event claims the lives of many dear to Farah, and one dear to Ezurate...