The Perfect Garden

Elizabeth Cordes

Well, there's not much I can say about this one except that I was really really depressed when I wrote it. Why do all my best works happen when I'm sad?...

Battle of the Angels

Deborah Cullins Smith

During a bout of deep depression, I fell back on the comfort of poetry. Battle of the Angels was the result.

The Comet

A. Boee

I wrote this while really, really, really depressed. It's not biographic in any way. Actually; I don't hope for the world to end, but if it's going to: I want to be there to see it.

A Test of Reason (Poem)

Brent Fisher

The black widow

Brett Kirkpatrick

This is another little article-type thing I wrote that's 'By' Xaviun. I don't know what you all think of these, but I write them because it's what I feel a lot. So, it's like.. one of those 'From the bottom of the soul' type things. Hope you enjoy, and... here it is...

Loveless Story 2 of 2

Jessica Cannon

The sequel to Loveless Story 1 of 2, where Elizabeth fled the world of the elves after being taken there to help save their lives. Back in our world, she struggles on her own until the elven Darand returns to take her back to his home. This was difficult for me to write, I eventually had to be depressed to be in the right time frame. Alas, it only takes a trigger and my -cat- died.


Jamie Chan

An insight to an empath torn between his emotions and others. Fairly dark and angsty.

Epitaphs (working title)

Ryan Morini

The old man is pretty much the focal point for me in this piece. He's modeled after my maternal grandfather, who must be one of the most miserable creatures in existence. I'm probably one of the only people in the world who actually likes him (my parents included), but I almost never visit him. It's just taxing... I kid you not when I say that he actually itemizes his grievances in a written list, and recounts them whenever a visitor comes in (for example). I'm not much of a people-person myself, and I find it awkward to be around him and try to cheer up the uncheerable, even though I sometimes feel like I understand him perhaps as well as anyone ever will. So in addition to a rumination on my own faltering sense of purpose, and general melancholy, this story was largely fueled by a desire to demonstrate some sort of likable side of my grandfather following my grandmother's death. A few people actually seem to have liked it; it must've come out all right in some ways, then.


Ryan Morini

This depressing little piece was written in the span of three hours in one afternoon when I was. . . 18, I guess. I have not since been able to write an entire story, even a short one, in a single sitting. I should really work on that. . . Anyway, I'd just wanted to write a story based on the traditional undine, and this is what I came up with. Rather than Lovecraft, this one smacks of Dunsany, and like pretty much all Dunsanian imitation it falls far short, but I'd rather make the attempt and fail at imitating Dunsany than succeed in the mimicry of nearly any other author. . .

Alone Again

Ben Lebar

Kit Royatanka speaks of his first encounter with the man who will become his husband. This was inspired both by Scylla's story 'Fall Into Me,' and my poetry class. Rather dark, but don't worry, this entire situation has a happy ending.

Thoughts From a Child ~ Poem

Rebecca Palmer

Just a random little poem i wrote one day last year during Drama.

Truth's Cage (part 3)

Shawn Reed

Welcome to my mind. Take a look at my depression, my sorrow, my bitterness, my pain... take a look.

Is All Fair In Love And War? (Chapter 4)

Austin Edgington

The third chapter in my series, worth a read, but remember, read them in order to know whats going on! Im gonna have to end this series soon... or pull one of those 'to be continued' things. Its basicly going nowhere... Il try to turn it around, and if all else fails. Theres always the option of ending it right now. Hehe. Oh well theres probably going to be one or two more chapters. Enjoy!

Victory : the conclusion

Vicky Barrett

Its the end of this road, although several of the key players appear in other tales of woe and deceit.

Chapter 2: A Long Story

Kevin Smith

This is the second chapter of the ongoing story 'The Son of Fire'.

The Irony of Mortality

Christina MacDonald

Another poem...

My Identity

Tiffany Conrad

If Only...

Tiffany Conrad

Loveless Story 1 of 2

Jessica Cannon

Something different, because I've been a bit down lately. Elizabeth is coping with her own demons when she is taken to the Elvish realm to help them cope with theirs. This is quite miserable, but second is even sadder. I'll finish it and post it as soon as I get really depressed again.


Cathin Yang

Just a poem about my chracter Aerin...