Kadessa's Description (fantasy)

Daron MacQueen

Just thought..'Well...it's a cool dessy, and I can't draw and I didn't have the room to place it in the story.. so..put it up separately.' Works, right?

Enter Shadow!

Christopher Dann

This is the beggining of my series on the elven body gaurd/assassin, Shadow. It is set in a spin-off of Shadowrun world. The year is 2017 and metahumans exist but make up less than 0.1% of the poulation. There is primitve cyberware and magic use but very little of it. Shadow is based on my Shadowrun character Mystery pertaining to appearance, and slightly upon profession.


Emma Ã…dahl

Mutt is a Gnome... I'm not sure what his background is... >.> It's all mainly running 'round and 'round in my head! Make it stop! Eh hem... Anyway, yes. Mutt's real name isn't Mutt it's... it's... honestly, I can't remember! Oh, he MUST hate me now! Ugh, I hate it when I forget things... Well, this is Willow (will maybe talk aobut her later) first seeing Mutt. ^^ I think I did an okay description of him.

Ivy's Song

sammy sims

This is basically a poem describing the creation of my favorite RP character: Ivy-Kira

Innocent II

Morgan Li

Part two... (need I say more? lol)


Scott Gajewski

'What is more real, the world of a dreamer or the world around the dreamer?'

D'Iradon (description of a city)

Nina Roussakova

This is a description of a city on Taena.

Describe Your Home

Silvannen Gerrard

This was something I wrote as a practise GCSE English paper. The question was 'describe your home'. This is just a funny little piece I wrote, much more interesting than a normal, boring description I think!!


Christine Choquet

It's acually meant to be read in a drawing i made. (can be found here : http://www.angelfire.com/or/elfes/5parts.html ) In no particular order. It works no matter how you read it.


Jennifer Hoffman

This is a dissection of the home of Miyetaran's people. As I write up more background filler info, it will all appear in this file.

A Gift for Maggie

Kelsie Elizabeth

This is a little story I wrote, somewhat inspired by 'A Glory of Unicorns' by Bruce Coville, which I recommend to all fantasy lovers. It doesn't really fit into any existing categories, so I did my best classifying it :) The plot's a little...nonexistent, but I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you feel the same while reading it. November 2002 2 pgs

First Kill

Christina Nichols

Death to Idiot


Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

A story of a sci-fi character.

All you wanted to know

Jodie Kirk

This is an ongoing project. Character descriptions and other little quirks explained that occure in the world. Will gradually expand and update when it's not one in the morning... :)


J.N. Betteray

This file explains somethings about my world. It's recommended that you read the classes, races and places sections befor reading my other stories set in this world. I'll tell you which sections are necessary to know in the description of my stories. Names mentioned in this file may change. Updates: added more stuff and an Index. Reccomended reading for those who want a headache: the energy part.

Article of South Oaks Prison Execution

Chelsea Pizio

I'm wanting to write a new story of a picture I've drawn. I don't have access to a scanner yet so I don't have a way to show you the picture. It's a stoy of an executioner spirit, or maybe to be considered an immortal demon, by the name Verdugo. I'm wanting to incert articles and tid-its of information from past cultures to decribe Verdugo as others have seen them. I guess it's hard to explain now, but as soon as I finish it, you'll understand. This excert talks of a reporter who read diaries and documents from a prison that was suspected for being owned and run by a cult before its destruction due to structural defects.

Story: F O R S A K E N - 00.

Inge van den Broek

F O R S A K E N (D i v i n i t y D e s t r o y e d) Prologue. Dawn Of Humanity Comment: Yesh, a complete new story I've been working on this for a while now and finally I'm submitting it. I really hope you like it! Some of you might recognize the title of this story, and that's probably because I didn't think of it myself. Actually, I kinda lent it from Divinity Destroyed, a progressive metal band who are also the creators of the wonderful song Forsaken, upon which the complete story is based. I really liked the lyrics I suppose, and therefor I decided in a flash of inspiration I would write a story of it . As for the writing itself, don't be too hard on me, as English is not my first language (though I probably love it more than Dutch) and thus there will be flaws in my spelling and grammar. Also I'm not that talented in writing, especially not prose - so bear with me I'm in the middle of writing the first actual chapter, though I don't really like what I've got until now. But I'm sure this won't be the last you'll hear (well, read) about/of this! Enjoy (Oct 20 2006)

Assassins Tale

Richard Chompff

This is more of a descriptive peice and a practice in writing than a real story, especially since it has no storyline. But feedback please!


Matthew Akers

This is the first of many character scetches. I take a person and write what they look like in the most detail possible, then add things to make them a character. This is an incubus.

Archangel Azrael

Sam Wood

A plotless piece of description, of the Archangel Azrael.