Who is She?

Melanie Mitchell

A brief account of what went through a vampire's mind when he met a beautiful young woman 50 years after his death.

Tribes (The Meeting)

J. Bush

Qala is forced to make her first kill despite her reluctance. The beginnings of this meeting with a certain demon are captured here, with much more to come. Once again, constructive criticism is welcome!

What do you want?

Allison Starkweather

Woohoo! Another post! Betcha all are happy, huh? :) This is another exercise I did with Kayla, like the one before, although this one isn't comic like that one was. The exercise was to ask your character what they wanted more than anything else, and what they'd do to get it. This is what Kayla wanted.


Charles Trowbridge

This is a perfect example of why authers shouldent be rushed. I know I can go back and change it...but...I'm not in love with this peice like i was when i first wrote and, and if i did go back and change it so that it all fit one tense i'd end up draining all of the emotion.

The Will

J Taylor

The concept is based upon a dream I had one night. A man tells of his encounter with a woman from the ocean. This won unofficial judge's choice in one contest. It also won 3rd place Judge's Choice in the Fantasy Contest at Elftown.

Moonlight Kiss

Katherine Bohannon

A woman's story of why she did what she did.

Growing Up

Erin Carter

A poem I wrote when everyone seemed to want me to drop fantasy and write 'normal stuff'. This is my reply.

D e s i R e

Alexis Fairfax

Uhh... well, actually, I wrote this one for an english essay we had to do. I found it lying underneath a pile of junk, and decided maybe I should continue on it. It isn't anywhere near what I would like it to be, though, so any criticism will be welcome (actually, they're absolutely NEEDED)...

Death's son

Michael Hobbs (Mife/Fifelon)

Poem, depressing, tells how I feel, Need I say more?

In this Moment...

Michael Ballmann

I think this is one of the shortest stories I've written thus far. Loosely based on any sort of post-apocalyptic vision of the world found in numerous Japanese animation shows, 'In this Moment...' is really a short story about the conflict between hate and love and which one wins.

To Fly

Megan Wright

This is actually a poem I wrote, expressing my desire to sprout wings and fly. A desire I'm sure many other people have, or maybe it's just me, but anywhodillywho, here it is. Hope it's out there enough that no one get mad at me. ^_^;

Silk and Velvet

Erin Carter

An old love poem, I still like it although the characters have changed a bit since the time I wrote this.

Full Moon - Parts 3&4

Cheryl LaPrade

Conclusion of my story: Full Moon...

Fairies of desire

Georgina Gilbert

Love, is the most powerful of all magic.

The Crown of Saddire

Sarah Eckstein

Ansem of Cia, knight under the crown of Aveen and Captain of the Yellow Phoenixes of Kation, is content with his life of guarding the small town to which he was assigned. This mission was to be like any other: secretly transport an item of great power as quickly and as safely as possible. But fate has seen to other plans, and the once proud knight is forced into step down a tunnel of fate from which there is no return...


Malin Runsten

About a demon(Incubi)that falls inlove with a mortal woman.


Megan McCarthy

this is an even further stretch than the 'short poem'... I mean, as far as it fitting into the fantasy/sci-fi genre... but... whatever. I like it, and I want to share it. So there!

the hunger

Melissa J

the pleasure of food - the desire to satisfy the hunger is always overwhelming


Shuo Chen

This was written under moonlight. Literally. I was supposed to be asleep then and so I didn't dare turn on any lights. Separated from a beloved friend by distance....

Desire (poem - sorta)

Timothy Pontious

If you've played those paper role-playing games, you've heard of the Egg of Desire. You haven't?