The Silver Feather(Chapter 3)

Christina Corneli

The youthful Elf is given the eternal gift of a Silver Phoenix�s feather, this has been passed down, apprentice after a apprentice till it falls into the hands, quite literally, of the one person, who can lead a army in to darkness, and erase all the hate between the races

Death's Tears Parts 7-10

Leigh Erickson

Well... these would be the darkest most angsty chapters... very angsty... I was NOT in a very peppy mood when I wrote these... heh... keep that in mind *hides* More Garnor and Alranos and the pain of being Death. Eternal thanks to Joelle and Becca for their editing help... oh... and this is the last set of chapters where Garnor was an Elf... anyone who is/was and elf is not a Maiel... but I was too lazy to change it here... when i do the major edit I'll switch that (and the POV problem in here as well... I'm so lazy... should so not be a writer^_~) umm... enjoy? *runs away*

Prophetic purpose

Glenn G. Foley

My first amateur creation, a dark, simple poem about a fairy-tale creature waiting for his destiny

Chapter 11

Andrew Casey

The Shrine reveals much about the future

Mortal Wings : Part 1

Emma Poyntz

This is actually only a working title, but this story is a slight delve into religion crossed with a fantasy world; portraying religious figures into the human cast .. saying that it all sounds rather odd doesn't it :)

First Kill

Scott burt

This continues on from Shipping Out.


Julie Campbell

This was a poem I did for my friends, you know who you are...


Alana Poirier

A somewhat sad/nostalgic poem about what might happen if Spring and Autumn were to be personified into lovers...


Mandi Blake

About a princess and her sisters who are escaping from a riot at the palace with the help of a faithful and trustworthy peasantboy named Hontu and the socerery both Lady Destiny and Hontu learn to control and harness.

Peace Chronicle - Chapter 1

Amanda Davies

Tiaran and Steve have normal lives untill they encounter the Fyt Hyl

The 'Black Horse' Saloon

Ashley Brodie

This is really, really, really a work in progress! it is an extract from a vampire story I am writing. Comment if you wish but it really isn't very good! It reminds me of a roleplay script every time I read it. I'll probably remove all thoughts made by anyone other than Destiny and Max.

In Quest For (Chapters VII, VIII, IX)

Astrid Schmidt

Another three chapters of 'In Quest For.' Again, there are a few spells, all self-explanatory, but here are the translations in case you want to know what exactly it means. I am doing this out of memory mainly, so I am sorry if I did any mistake in Latin somewhere - I never had Latin in school ;) Elabi ex oculis = to vanish out of sight; Claude = to close; Volatus et vincunum = flying/flight and binding; Debilatio = to paralyze; Coporis Motus = to be in motion; Gladius = sword; Cade = fall

Facets - Chapter Two

Amy Stewart

I hope the ending does not seemed rushed, I was excited to be finishing it and eager to move on to what comes next. This chapter will hopefully serve to give you more background information on Desana and in particular her homelife as a child. She may seem mildly irrational (or comical?) at times, but believe me, once Desana gets an idea into her head, it's hard to shake. You might get inklings as to what is going to happen to her in the future, but hey, I know the whole story so what can I say?

Answering Fire's Call

Jen French

A Poem: A battle between fire and ice.

True Memory (p)

Jonathon Parker

An introspective of Tempest, a character in Endless Dance, my novel.

Untitled 1

Kevin Donnell

As of yet untitled. This story is one that has three parts to it. Each part is independent of the other, and follows the same patterns. The characters never meet, as they all exist in three separate times. Chapter 1, 442 AC introduces us to the first of the main characters. He is a gnollen named Damik, he was raised by humans, and brought back into the fold of the gnollen. Wanderlust is stirring in his heart, and this part describes his clan and how he leaves.

Judgement Day

Rachel Karp

This one was inspired by a dream. Don't ask. I have odd dreams. I like it, so why don't you comment and tell me what you like/hate about it, so I can change it? Thanks.

Troika - Prologue

Joseph Adomatis

A shameful act committed on a dark eve saps the strength of the old and gives destiny to three young babes.


Jennifer Berry (A shadow of the night)

I wrote this for the project, ran by James K Bowers. He provided the first part of the story (In itallics), and the rest is mine. I have his permission to display this here.

The Visonary's Curse

Chris Camus

Silva was a Varian visionary, but he didn't agree with Vahriah's methods. His every once of being wanted to love and protect her, and his visions became torture.