A Single Flame

Ashley Erickson

A poem about an element that is hard to dystroy.

Dragon Warrior


Its a poem about a fight between a man that can transform into a powerful dragon and his enemy, I wrote it a few years back.

Torn Souls:Chapter Two

Randall Ewing

The doppleganger comes, trapping Xixisnant Ael'taes's new ally.

A Bad Example

Lauren Harden

Inspired by a reality TV show. Ever thought about what would happen if outsiders judged our race though one example?

A Meeting of Two Worlds . . .

Kimberly Meisel

This was an urge of the moment thing; not my best, but I like the ending, and 'twas fun to write! CC welcome and appreciated.


Emma-Jane Smith

This story was written as a submission for The Herscher Project Edition 14, 'Dark Futures'. The focus of which is based on Chris A. Jackson's speculations in his short piece titled 'A Flash in the Pan', which details twelve scenarios for the fate of mankind. I have used six of these in this story (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8). Used with his permission. So enjoy reading!!! ^_^

Horned Man of Reflections


a Poem.

In Scarlet Light

Daniel Oehlmann

This poem took me 10 minutes, so one could work it out properly, I suppose. But I like these flashes of imagination.

Song of Return (song)

D. Hendrikson

When the dragons are driven from an island west of Kingsland, they pledge to return after the island is destroyed. As always, I'm looking for critique.

Tivona (Chapter One)

Crystal Dawn

A story about a woman tortured by dreams, who must save herself before one that would devour her soul destroys her .. first she must decide who are her enemies, and who are her friends. (90% of this is actually DIRECTLY from a solo I've been working on in the rp chat room I go to .. that's why it might seem a little odd .. I only wrote about one paragraph a day, and so each one is inspired by different thoughts and emotions ..)

Chapter 2

Opal Parkison

Ghil and Raeglin go to see an old friend about the disappearance of Aivren...

The Fall of Man (1)

Cly Novak

Yeah, this was a silly little story, but I thought it was just good enough to post.

EWAF part 3 : Vengence Revealed!

Laura Crampton

Finally I have decided to upload the story of the Elfwood Airforce a bunch of wiley winged critters out to save the world and the skyies from evil doers! I have had permission from all artists involved in this project to use their chracters Sy is (c) copyright to me Beval is (c) copyright Sarah (Saza) Asquith, Leo is (c) copyright Jenni Marie Brian and Bluey, Airin, Issiah and bubblegum are (c) copyright Laura (L-chan) Laurain, the evil ruler Locke is (c) copyright Shan (Shandalf)Snow.. The EWAF is finally here and getting published if you wanna find out more about the artists and about how it all began why not visit The ATB or The EWAF!! Have fun hope you enjoy the story Part 4 is coming soon so please be paitent and enjoy the story so far! All 3 stories need editing need editing! So please excuse my cakky grammer!

Fire Within

Juvela Obi


Seeing Destiny

Crystal┬┤-una┬┤ Rodriguez

a short about Nathyn's dad, Tresban, and his dilemma for having to live the life that's his.

Prologue to Milanko's Terrible Trinkets

Edward Tailfeathers

The beginning of the stories of Darkin and Sarah, a young elven man and young human woman in their quest to destroy all the trinkets of evil.

When Life Passes By

Anna Karwowska

Eversa is a destroyer. She is also an Unidentified Human, hiding from the police lest she gets captured for manual labor. Fate decides to frown upon her, as she is ratted out and bought by a crazed man, seeking to rule the world.

Spear of the Gods

Mark Sherry

I felt like writing something a little grim, in which everything on the planet snuffs it, and this is the result. Where will YOU be August 7, 2006?

The Fall of Man (2)

Cly Novak

It'll likely never be finished, so I'll just leave it up for a while. But, it'll be gone after this. I really don't like this story. Too morbid.

Dreams and Destruction Part 2

Katrina Constantine

the second part of the story