The Fall of the Angels

Logan Gonzalez

From an Angel's point of view, here is an account of the day Lucivar and his followers were banished from Heaven... A rare up-close and personal look at the entire issue.


Alexandru Moisi

A story about dragons but mostly about choice and free will. Part of the wonderful Herscher project

Of devils and demons

Alexandru Moisi

This is more of a philosophical monologue about the reasoning of devils and why they do the things they do.

The Final Fear

Ashley Erickson

A poem that i did about the world's end. This is (i guess) how i pictured what will happen. I hope you like it!

Light in Darkness

Laura Lange

He he he, this was fun! Have you ever wondered how the devil would welcome guests to hell?

Ignorance (Poem)

Lloyd 'God' Johnson

Poetry through the eyes of an unlikely author.

Sacrificial Spell

Bryony Stubbs

A chant I wrote for a drama thing. I got to be sacrificed! Tee hee hee. Anyway, I feel it's fairly self explanatory.

Death Angel

Stephanie Kempson

Its a poem about an evil being, that basically it!

Devil stole her: chapter 3

Catherine Clegg

Dominic tries to get Helen back, with little success. More will be coming soon!

Beelzebub's Palace (Poem)

Amy Downum

Written at 11:00 pm on Friday January 6th, 2006. My first poem of the year! And admittedly a rather half-arsed attempt at far the two reviews have been good ones, but who knows what the Elfwood populace will decide?


Amy Downum

A horror of religious nature and such. Also a practice in symbolism centering around religious themes. Notice the Seven Deadly Sins? Happy Halloween everyone! :D

The Guardians: Prologue

Joshua Young

Ok, this is obviously the Prologue for something... in this case, my fantasy novel. Hopefully, this is self-explanatory enough that I don't have to explain anything... Except... the good guys don't use magic in this world. Ever.

Untitled 1

Kevin Donnell

As of yet untitled. This story is one that has three parts to it. Each part is independent of the other, and follows the same patterns. The characters never meet, as they all exist in three separate times. Chapter 1, 442 AC introduces us to the first of the main characters. He is a gnollen named Damik, he was raised by humans, and brought back into the fold of the gnollen. Wanderlust is stirring in his heart, and this part describes his clan and how he leaves.


Bella Feine

This is a prologue to some story which is playing hide and seek with me...and it has a very good hiding place!

Devils and Demons

K. Little Helper' Wai

This is a poem about devils and demons in which I sided with them I wrote it one dreary day.


Hugo Schalkwyk

A script that I wrote. Cupple of nice ideas. Maybe I'll draw it some day.

The Reaper

Ian C. Sinclair

Well, this is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago and forgot about. I just recently thought of it and decided it was suitable. Moo-san.


Kalee Eder

Something.. its unfinished...

Truestar's Fire - Shadow of Death : Chapter 1 - The Feast

Ryan Stringer

'The room’s design was a work of dark genius, put together by a man who had spent many long years studying the subtle arts of persuasion, manipulation and coercion. The great hall had been the culmination of all Vasper’s art and skill and served its intended purpose ruthlessly and efficiently.'

Truestar's Fire - Shadow of Death : Chapter 2 - Long Live the Thane!

Ryan Stringer

' “What was it you said before? That I should bow to my master? It is long since time that you were educated about the true gravity of the position you now find yourself in.” Vasper said, half whispering and half hissing in Bey’s ear. “I will show you who the real master is.” '