Memoirs of a God

Dubhdara Field

How do you think of Gods? How do they think of you? I suppose no one will ever know the answer to the second one but I tried anyway.

The Diary of Jonas Kelly: Chapter One

Patrick Mulvany

Jonas Kelly is a kid who has nothing to lose, or so he thinks, and almost loses all when a gang of interstellar mercenaries come out of the stars and take him on a whirlwind firestorm series of adventures. But the Galaxy is a dangerous and Treacherous place... It is here, that the saga takes root.

Lacuna Animus

John Blanchard

This is my first attempt at a first person story. This story is about someone's diary, he wrote while imprisoned by a mysterious group. Just for fun I used a few Latin words, such as the title. The title roughly translates to 'Lost writings of Memory' which can basically mean 'Lost book of memories'...well you get the idea.

Graces Birth

Kristina Satterlee

I think this will be the start of Graces Series of short stories... i hope u like it.

Confessions Chapter 1

Megan O'Shea

First actual chapter. Might not see second chapter to this for awhile, having writer's block on this story. Somewhat hastily edited.

Ceddhwyan's Journal (pg 6)

Lisa Sanders

The 6th 'chapter' or page of Ceddhyan's story. This part contains a few, mildly gruesome details. Faint of heart, beware!

The Reign of the Dragons (Story in Process)

LA Gelassen

A fictional diary of a fictional girl in a fictional world that I have just recently started working. More, over time, will be written. Please read and comment!

Secret Diary of a God

Jarek Buss

A random little blurb about being a god. Not meant in any seriousness, nor with any secret messages about athiesm or anything. This is not about God himself, for who I hold the utmost respect.

The Diaries of Sun City

Mike Russell

Dear Diary, Hello. It is Monday. I live in Sun City. Sun City is a city that is entirely contained inside an enormous concrete building in the shape of a sun.

The Rise and Fall of Nathan Callinan Pt 1

Delyth Williams

The Rise and Fall of Nathan Callinan 1766 - 1789 - Present Day Part 1.

Winter Terror

Jess Hickman

Memories of murder can scar you for life..or what little is left of your own.

Diary of an Evil Child: Ch01

Emma-Jane Smith

This is my inner child.. be afraid, be very afraid! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! ^_^

Ceddhwyan's Journal (pg 2)

Lisa Sanders

The continuation of Ceddhwyan's journal. A new year, a new triumph, a new failure, and a promise of a new life.

Ceddhwyan's Journal (Conclusion)

Lisa Sanders

This concludes Cedd's journal, but readers, do beware, this story ends in tragedy. Also, there are a few unpleasant details here, as there was in page 6 of the journal.

My Last Chapter

Mike Murrieta

This one is about some one who is likewho is really sad and writes all their emotions in their diary. Bet you thought it was a person! XD (c)Mine, as usual.


Megan O'Shea

A vampire recounts her past while awaiting her future. (Story in progress, updated version.)

Death's Diary - Chapter 1- (new version)

April ]-[3L' Jones

I re-read the Death's Diary and started to think on re-editing it and actually publish the book once i've finished. I'll only upload up to 3 chapters and leave the rest to be read in my book. Tell me what you think.

Death's Diary -chapter one pg-13

April ]-[3L' Jones

Ok this is something i did a while in school. I took my time in writing it because there was no need for it in Lit. class. I was holding it for an essay topic.

Fantasy Novel Chapter 10

Volker Herfeld

Here I tried to employ the diary-style used by so many sensationalist/ later Gothic writers of the 19th century (e.g. Bram Stoker). I hope I managed to build up some suspense with my description (it was my first try at this kind of style). I thought the diary was a wonderful means for a flashback and to give some information about past events without having to use the usual omniscient narrator.

Ceddhwyan's Journal (pg 7)

Lisa Sanders

This is actually the first 'half' of the last page of the journal. I have split them apart because the conclusion is written a little differently.