Kristina Cookson

I tried recreating a description I used from an earlier story that is in the possession of Mr. Hill. Well, actually, I wanted to re-write the whole story, but I can't remember enough of it to do that. I loved that story though. Anyway, this isn't exactly a complete story, it's more like and ending of a story but my attempt to write the beginning failed. So yeah, I don't know if this'll ever be a complete story. I think I might go visit Mr Hill sometime after the football managing thing is over so that I can see if he still has my stories.

The Dark Angel

Dean Glencross

This a story I did for english, it is what I think 'Death' would do if he/she/it was going to 'Die'. Enjoy

Crib Death Baby

Rhonda Jezek

Infant talking to Death

Hello, Death. And how are you?

Rhonda Jezek

A young mother faces a gruesome choice for the fate of her children.

Great Wyrm

Ruth Petroff

i am trying to capture an essence here. perhaps some things are beyond words.

Eternal Night

Lindsey Cotman

I hate descriptions, don't you?


Lindsey Cotman

Eh... basically a vampire was making out with his human girlfriend too close to dinnertime. Poor girl didn't stand a chance...

The Voice

Jessica Burton

This story was inspired by 'Stay With Me' by Shakespeare's Sister. They're 80's, its ok if you havent heard them. I think you should though they're great. Anyway, used my character Loreia for this story and her husband Farilan. Their love knows no bounds...

Dragon With Regret

Dieter Janssens

A Dragon took a Elven kid into the sky and dropped it, but now it regrets what it did. I might be using it in the story I'm writing. Written: March 1, 2003

Death-The High Cost of Living

M Mmmmm

Just a bit of a ramble inspired by Neil Gaiman's (Of Sandman fame) Death character and series by the same name...some thoughts on what life and death are all about...

Sorrow's Tears

Dee Patterson

The Unicorn ... Beautiful, perfect ... Eternally unhappy ...

Shift Happens

Adrea Bolyard

A girl of recent times finds that her 'talents' of intense hearing ability aren't all that its cut out for. She is a shifter. A dragon shifter. And she is REAL.

The War Machine -- Section 1

Brittany Zayas

This is Section 1 of a 3-Section story that was originally meant to be a short story. It was inspired by a line in Stephen Crane's 'The Red Badge of Courage', where he describes the War as a machine that spits out dead men. That got my sick mind thinking, and this is the product of the thought. It's mostly a 'dark future' sort of story that takes place in a Factory, and focuses on a Worker named Mi'an who is fascinated/sickened by the War Machine, an actual Machine that men enter in hopes of being a hero, then fall out dead ten seconds later. It's not technically an anti-war story, but someone could take it that way I guess. It really isn't any sort of political thing...There is a point I'm trying to get across however, and if one reads the entire story, one will probably see it. (I hope it isn't too violent for Elfwood.)

Who Would Cry?

Aus Cushing

No, this isn't the same as the one in Laura Boechat's work - it came about as a result of a poetry game. I asked to take the title that had been given and make a different poem - tis up to you, the reader, to see if I did well.

River of Death

Jacqueline(Jackal) Pirtle

This is the first poem I ever wrote. I wrote it when I was 12 so its not that good, but I figured i'd put it up anyway.

Mabel Mabel Mabel

Rhonda Jezek

I love this story. What a strange thing. Uhm.. yeah. Help me out on this, it takes place in the future, but should it have futuristic references like dates in it? Or should it just be abstract?



In a world of illusions and superficial beauty, how can you find reality? (Might write into a longer story, I dunno)

Smoke - Chapter 1

Michelle Bratton

Where do you go when you die?

FF Part Two

Amanda Kunkle

Part two of the Finding Felina series

The Fairy of Winter

Kevin Meeks

This was a poem that I wrote about a year ago during the winter. It was cool outside with a breeze, but I was imagining that it was snowing.