SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch3

Brian Pennington

...chapter three....

A Reunion

Sara Dungavell

A new piece with Shia, Slate, and Lucy. Anyone reading this should probably read 'Memories,' 'Shia,' and for the fun of it 'Mia' first. I've changed it slightly now, I suggest you reread it.

A Vampire's Tragedy: Five

Roehl Sybing

Chapter Five is somewhat the mid-point of 'A Vampire's Tragedy.' It's difficult to tell you what it's about without giving much of it away, only that if you haven't read the first four chapters DO IT NOW. :)


Elizabeth Dehn

Not Finished! revolutionaries, romance, and extraordinarily large and beautiful hats. Who could ask for more?


Beth Hodges

Something that happened and was watched and then recorded

Creator & Creations, Part 1

Jake Beasley

I meet my characters. Every single one of them, ranging from a two-headed serpent to the well-known Phoenix and Aura. But they need my help. After all, I am their Creator.

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-prologue

Brian Pennington

SHIFTERS is a series I dreamed up after watching too many horror movies, and playing too many video games. It's got elves, vampires, unicorns, cat-people, and a plethora of other thingums.


Henrik Lerdahl

This one is a little unusual for several reasons. It's my first sci-fi, its not set in my standard alternate world, and it was written as a school assignment. The assignment was to write a story to the title 'Saved'. It turned out that I was the only one who hadn't written about someone shipwrecked. To my defense as to the whole mood of the text: I had read WAY too much Discworld the previous evening.

A Question and its Answer

Daniel Kinicki

A twisted little piece of Sci-fi speculation about time

Prologue - The Dream

Katie Gillis

Again, crazed dream-thing. But... dark and interesting, which I like.First version, currently being edited more

Heart of Atirien, Opening Poem

Terese Mörtvik

She sent six people to Earth. Five othere were sacrificed by her hand. A young man was condemned to centuries of loneliness for lack of faith. They all took an oath that is unbreakable, to save a world from eternal darkness. Now they must return home as the Heart of Atirien beckons.

A Vampire's Tragedy: One

Roehl Sybing

In this installment of Infinite Earths, Jake and his Reality Jumpers are responsible for escorting an interdimensional delegation to a week of peace negotiations. The problem is that the group of four ambassadors are from an Alternate Earth populated by vampires.

A Vampire's Tragedy: Six

Roehl Sybing

This chapter is rather short because I felt I had to show something after a rather long hiatus on this story (feh, like my other stories haven't been on hold for very long either). Anyways, I hope this will keep you waiting for Chapter Seven, because there are many plans for that the meantime, enjoy. :)

Species of Sagaa - Scroll 1

Albert Colon

 A small breakdown of the various species formed during the 'Shattering', when Sagaa was manifesting into our reality. More to come in the days ahead... 

An Introduction to the Otherworlds

Ash van S

I promise this isn't going to be as sci-fi as it sounds. I just read too much Ursula K. LeGuin and Terry Pratchett while trying to avoid calculus and decided that I hadn't written anything coherent myself for a long, long time. Idk if this counts as coherent, but here goes!Hopefully, this will be a longer project, and I'll post some more chapters soon.

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch2

Brian Pennington

Chapter two of the immortals...

Day at the Agency

Eero Saukkonen

A story inspired by GMan of the Half-life series, fueled into existence by my own interests in conspiracy theories (Don't worry, I don't actually believe in them). It describes a day in the lives of several people, try to keep track.

Divided in Heart

Monique Morgan

A little ditty I wrote out one night when I should have been sleeping. Stupid insomnia. Anyway... this turned out to be more prophetic than I thought it could be. It's kind of a predecessor to a series I'm thinking of doing. Whee. It's not specifically anything, but it DOES involve alternate dimensions.

Loop of fate

Neyra Irushka

 self-explanatory. dont see much point in describing. if you understand then you relate to it. if you dont understand and you like it, you will probably relate to it in the future. if you dont understand and dont like it either, then you wasted your time child.

In Session

Roehl Sybing

This is the first story I put up on Elfwood. Obviously it didn't take. I admit I wrote this in a rush and didn't expect too much reaction when I put it up. I kept this story on here as an example to myself and others on how NOT to do science fiction.