Troubling Discoveries: Prologue

C. Henderson

A story of one young man's journey through life that I've had rattling around in the 'ol gray matter, and I'm finally forcing myself to sit down and right it. More is forthcoming, as I can write again. Please Bear with me,and thanks.

Chapter 08 - The Scout, part 2

Melissa O´Dowd

The story continues...

Prologue - The Beginning

Lee-Ann Tee

The Prologue to 'The Beginning'. It's about Adina before everything happened.

Chapter 4 part 2

Jamie Wilkinson

This is the second installment of chapter 4. I particularly enjoyed writing the dream sequence, though I'm still not happy with the way it ends. Any feedback would be appreciated if you have a better idea for the end of the dream trance.

Dragon's Heart

Stephen Serna 'Sladaerna'

::snorts:: I screwed up the ending of this so badly it's not even funny. Too damned corny...suggestions on ways to improve the ending would be nice. It's a tough one to pull off without being cheesy... o.O Also, lemme know how ya liked the rest! ^_^

Lost soul chapter 2

tameran liebe

Sarah finds out that a certian person is very important.


Jessie Lerch

Some of the history of my made-up country, Bellan, in story form.

Beyond One Night Ch3:The Festival

Summer Latimer

Here is the third chapter...did it all in one long day.

Prologue: Old Man Luna

Lauren King

man on the moon...

The Journey

Justin 'Merlion Emrys' Williams

This story was inspired mostly by H.P. Lovecraft's 'The White Ship'. One of his great early works. It also has some personal meaning for me.

The Runner

Andrew McLeish

This is the second or third of a series of writing exercises that I set myself to try and get back into the habit of writing fantasy fiction after a break of many years. It's not a great example, but it's better than the first couple! The idea was to paint a brief snapshot of an event that changed the life of the principal character, and give a bit more depth to some historical characters in my AD&D gaming world when one of my players started getting curious about history...

The Colonization of Corina

Robert Lee

In the near future, practical interstellar travel is developed and a new world is colonized...but things don't go as planned.

untitled (think of a name!) Ch1

Samuel Richards

Glamis is about to settle a war between two neighbouring planets. Little does Shane, a soldier in the Glamisan army, know, that this will become an epic struggle between good and evil.

New World

Michael Jones

This is a..preview, or trailer I guess you could say, if my next novel I will be starting soon called New World set in the same world as The Messenger; the Vendetta Wars world. New world takes place about 1800 years before The Messenger.

Carter1--Chapter 2

Sara Chow

Second chapter, which could be titled something like 'In Which Shawn Finds Stuff'. But, I hate titling chapters, so it's just Chapter 2. Enjoy, and HAND! (August 2006 revision: I made it a bad length. It's too long for one chapter, and too short for two. How's the stuff I changed?)

The Black Spire - Part 1 - Chapt. III

Michael Jones

 Once again, here is New World, this time the third chapter. Been getting a lot of mixed feedback and signals on this project, and would love to hear what everyone thinks whether it be good or bad, I want it all. I've been getting stuff like "no action" but this is a slow introduction to develop characters and action comes soon. Anyways, enjoy!

The Last Alliance - 1: The Man with the Maul

Jonathan Bahamundi

 This is a fantasy story in progress i started writing recently! Hit me up with any questions or feedback If you like it i'll put up the next chapters hehe

Angel With A Broken Wing, Chapter 1

John Kellogg

A young man's life of love and loss.

The Embrace

David Meredith

Elizabeth is on the adventure of a lifetime. She is one of a very lucky few, chosen to explore and excavate the lost city of Arakh Bohr. It's truly the moment she's been waiting for her whole professional life. The only problem? She's completely miseable. This particular trip is not at all turning out the way she imagined, but just when she is ready to quit, pack her bags and go home she finds a mysterious blue stone. That's when the adventure truly begins... NOTE: There are a few terms that have no good english equivalent. These are; kalisaris - traditional article of egyptian women's clothing, a body wrap usually made of linen or silk. khopesh - a type of egyotian sword with a forward bent, sickle type blade and no crossguard. Kohl - traditional egyptian eye makeup. Also, if the spacing comes out wierd I apologize. It was just over the size limit when I first tried to post, so I had to trim it down and chose to cut spaces rather than content. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! And I hope you'll check out my other work as well!

Aria of Earth And Sea 00

J Taylor

An Orca is drawn to the shore by the constant song that comes to her even through the waves and the strong and determined song of her leader. What may she find when she ventures out of her own accord?-Somewhat of a prelude afterthought to The Will. -This is somewhat influenced by requests; somewhat a personal practice in description. New sections possibly added.