Metos II

Jasmine Greene

The Queen has held a mysterious meeting, what will become of the kingdom?

Matrimonial argument.

Patricio Gronda

I don't know. It is a strange story (specially for me). I hope you like it. I'm not sure if I do.

Minaguti: Chapter Four (E)

Timothy Maguire

 Destiny flexes its muscles as its victims struggle to see the web they are in.

Chronicles of Salianthar:: Book One:: Prologue

Jenita Jones

The prophecy says, 'When the green-eyed one cries down upon the earth, the worlds shall be saved from the wrath of the everlasting dragon.' The country of Salianthar is shocked.

The Treeweavers : Chapter One

Richelle Morris

As you can see, this is chapter one. Here we meet Amera, a young girl with a destiny she does not expect.

Making Plans

Jenny Olivera

I didn't initially upload this one because I thought it was bad. Then I reread it and started wondering what my problem with it was. The object of the exercise was to describe an emotion or emotions without using emotion words. This takes place behind the scenes of my novel.

Umbra - Chapter 4 (approx. 10 pages)

Ute Fuerst

What happened after the fight? You will find the answers here! In addition to that the chapter reveals some of the historical background and motivation of the attackers. (new 07/2004)

Shaysiris 17

Kathryn Gromowski

Mmmmm...awkwardness......XDDD Anywho, mild adult content, but for once, it's not cuz Siris and Vistalt are feeling frisky...shocking. Anywho, reading time! Uploaded: 12/11/05 Updated:6/9/06

Elven Folklore Part 5

J Taylor

As the older elves of Water's Life discuss how to handle the oncoming situation, the younger ones open up their lives even further. And friendships begin to falter.

Shaysiris 9

Kathryn Gromowski

Yay for new material! Anywho, not much in the way of mature content in this one, but just reminding you that the story will have mature content. So I torture Siris with some quality time with mom and dad, and then Vistalt makes it all better, and then something happens to him and Kiefyn decides to be very, very stupid ^^ Yay! Have fun ^^ Uploaded: 10/19/05