Killers are Quiet

Kevin Hosein

The morbid articulate narrative of a rebel whom has crossed the line.

Tiger's Tale - Chapter 2

Leah Kresl


Deadly Knowledge

S. 'Kinko' Hulsey

I, for once, have written a short story. As I have not been working on anything recently that can be posted on here, I have been lagging. However, I had gotten grounded and had been deprived of writing, so I went and wrote out my first successful Sci-fi story in longhand. I won't try and explain the story. It can explain itself.

Wereworld Chapter 1: The Bite

Henry Jameson

This story is about a man who lives in a world where werewolves have been unleashed. He joins the infection after losing everything.

The Silver Healer and the Fat Countess

Maria Hirsch

Rishkan is a main character of my novel, a very clever and talented wizard with silver eyes, who has problems with the local priests ( because of a prophecy) and wizards (simply envy and fear). He worked as a healer when he was younger, and this is a story of this time.

Something In Common

Christina Lovse

In a dimension of nightmares there are diseases more terrifying and cripling than any we have on Earth. In this story two young lovers encounter one of these horrors...and find in

A Morbid Existence

Nathan Bennetch

Ever have one of those dreams that is just too real? I have. This one dream was the most detailed I have ever experienced, and here is my account of it. Be forewarned! It's sad... Read at your own risk and try not to cry... too much...


Darryl Grossauer

This is not a story. It is a compilation of various prophecies and sayings that I have come up with for the world of Lomaen.

War Within

Jimmy Knioum, Jr.

Part three of 'Two Paths.' We meet Dominic d'Boniface, at war on behalf of his brutal father the Duke, against peasants in rebellion.

'Sodaka' Ch. 7: Black Coat for a Blue Plague

Kristin Willoughby

Brock in his early teen years. He rises in the healer hierarchy and several plot-y things are introduced. We also get some introspection on Sirius and his relationship with Brock, as well as the creation of bound creatures. Please review! Tell me what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong, and what I need to stop doing. The whole reason I'm posting this story is so I can get feedback on it--I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.

Rider of the Apocalypse

William Holley

A battle outside a small town between the hero Paladin (Ederan) and one of the riders of the Apocalypse, Plague.

Mount Dondeleigh - Chapter 1

Chelsea Stebar

This is a story based on a rather expansive dream I had a while back. Personally, I like how it's turning out so far. The modern setting is fun. And the idea of an enormous amusement park in the middle of the desert seemed so enchanting to me. ...But I'm just wierd like that. ^_^

City Limits

Emily Liverman

A horrifying future in which everyone knows nothing!

Fortress of Oscrael Ch.1

William Bishop III

In a world where lies and subterfuge reign supreme, the forces of evil draw together in a final alliance for the dominance of the realms. In a search for the truth, a band of hunters brought together by their lust for blood, discover an ancient feud, a long forgotten secret, and their own dark histories.


Chaney Robertson

Something I wrote in communications, I don't think it has that much potential, but if you would leave your two cents, I would be most appreciative. It is only the beginning of a chapter, but I think it might have just a LITTLE something.


Tasha-Ann Torres

This poem is about an immortal being. Yet everytime she is reborn, she gets infected. Every life she has ever had has been filled with pain and sickness yet she never fails to be reborn.


Michelle Hart

This was written as a challenge to myself, to write one of those very short stories which are based around a pun.

A Vampire's Death ~story~

Erica Martin

Okay, there is a pretty long story dedicated to this story. It's about something that happened to my character in roleplay, her mother committed suicide to keep herself from killing her family. A disease she had from age, created anger in her and caused her to...well, hurt people.

The Doctor's Orders

Vicki Nemeth

This is the first time I've written in such a straightforward voice. Congratulate me. I used to write purple prose. This is only my first draft. I actually finished its tweaks on December 30th, 2004.

Pandgora: the plague - chapter 2

Alex Peet

The second chapter in of a book Im writing. Took awhile to get up.. My own fault, Im terribly lazy. The first chapter was uploaded again, edited and all. Enjoy!