Fool's Bounty Chapter 1: The Thief

Serena Loder

Fool's Bounty is a pirate adventure story set in a fictional version of our world which has vast unexplored lands and is in the golden age of pirates. It may not appear as much of a "fantasy" story at first, but I assure you, it will definitly read so by the end. Small clues about what's going on are scattered throughout the story, see if you can pick them out before it's revealed!Not much pirating happens here in the first chapter however, we are simply introduced to our main character, the titular thief, Raum.

Fool's Bounty Chapter 2: Eternity

Serena Loder

In the second chapter of Fool's Bounty the pirate ship Eternity and her crew make an appearance, and we see how well our main character Raum will fit in.

Paranormal- Chapter 5

Erika Neumann

Amara gets captured and is not a happy camper about it. There's electrution and whipping and (*spoiler alart*) she get away barely.  But Dimitri isn't so happy about that...~I am putting this story at a PG-13 level because the next couple chapters get a little crazy.~

Scarlett's Bio

Erika Neumann

this is the bio of a character that could a possible story i could publish, i've gotten a couple people to read the actual story and got positive reviews. i just need some peeps to support the idea.

Kaeiya's Quest

Georgia Fox

This is the very first story of Kaeiya and Kalaeiya I wrote many years ago and I have been trying to update it and modify t to make it acceptable to post here I hope the third time is a charm.

Fool's Bounty Chapter 3: The Captain

Serena Loder

In the third chapter, Raum gets to know the pirates he's gotten himself caught up with, learns of his duties, and starts getting some information on this mysterious treasure that they're seeking. He's not exactly the best team player, but in this situation, he doesn't really have a choice.

Sleeping Beauty 2

Lauren Blewett

Sleeping Beauty, Part Two, The Christening Yes, I sat on this for quite awhile, and I'm still not sure if I'm completely happy with it. Any suggestions? Also wondering if I should put it back in the other format, with the old woman telling the story? I was planning on only having her in the first and last parts, but well, what do you think? I aim to please. Note: I fixed this up a bit, edited it, took some advice from yonder comments. So here's it revamped.

Elfsong Part 18

Daniel Peak

Fayn and Eliyas battle within the Dreamscape to determine the fate of exsistence itself, in the epic conclusion of Elfsong!

Paranormal- Chapter 4

Erika Neumann

Amara loses everything thing she has gained through her efforts.

Paranomral- Chapter 2

Erika Neumann

Amara makes herself known that she's a force to be reckoned with, but will a familiar stranger destroy what she has made? I would love more songs for my story to relate to. It would be very awsome to get some ideas too.

Paranormal-Chapter 3

Erika Neumann

Amara gets in more trouble then she expects.

Kaeiya and Kaleiya's Final Reunion

Georgia Fox

This is the final story of Kaeiya and Kalaeiya their final reunion with each other and their family, this is the third Time I have tried to post this on here after modifying it and trying to get it fixed so it is accepted I hope the third time is a charm.

Fairy Tales

Jane Peters

When Thea steps into a fairy circle her whole world changes. Well, it doesn't just change - it shrinks. Fairy tales become a reality as she travels with a cursed Cane toad and narcissistic wood nymph in search of the First fairy magic. However, the dark fern forest holds many forgotten secrets, and the mocking shadow of the Lost prince also stalks their journey.

Elfsong Part 20

Daniel Peak

Ever hear the one about an elf in the desert? Fayn and Daryn find themselves in Lartannas seeking out the orcs, but they didn't expect the desert to be so harsh a place, nor the dangers that lurk there. Meanwhile back in Vindros a secret council forms, settting the stage for a rebellion that may shatter the uneasy peace.

Wolf Story for RainingSkies

Dark Tailz

 This was a request I did years ago. I'm still a bit proud of it-I have come a long way. :)

Fool's Bounty Chapter 4: The Privateer

Serena Loder

In this chapter, the crew arrives at their first island and find some clues about the treasure they're hunting. Raum, however, is only really focused on how he can use this island to sneak away.

Maara's past.

Caroline Howard

 River is an adventures teenager who wants action and not boredom. 

The Nine

Timothy Hubbard

 This is another thing I though up on the spot. It just had a good feel to it. Introducing a group of powerful wizards: The Naysayers. This is very much the beginning of the story. The plot is based around the Nine and what they do after their battle with Tyrion

The City of white

evina noname

a story of good and evil and everything in between. It may be a romantic one in the begining but the story is of unevitability of situations and unability of changing them..

A Bedtime Story

Sarah Cuypers

An aunt gets suspicious when her niece's bedtime story is taking a bit more time than it should. She goes to investigate.Originally written and accepted in the EMG-zine issue of July 2009. The theme was Alice in Wonderland.